Ten Little Indians

Trivia: In the generator room, Blore yells to Vera when she arrives; "Ms. Clyde! I told you to stay up in your room." He did, but in 1965. In this version (which uses almost entirely the same script of the previous cinematographic version) Blore did not meet Vera again at the bottom of the stairs, so he's referencing something that didn't happen - however it can't be ruled out that it just happened off-camera. (01:03:10)


Continuity mistake: The guests arrive by helicopter in Persepolis. They walk towards the hotel. The torrid Persian sun makes them cast a shado to their left. Elsa Martino greets them and escorts them for the last few meters in another shot, during which they cast shadows to the opposite direction. The two shots (and shadow directions) alternate. (00:02:45)


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Judge Arthur Cannon: Listen. If you are the killer, please tell me, I won't tell a soul.

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