Continuity mistake: The general shows the policeman photos of an assassin they want. They show pictures of him with facial scars that he actually receives after he has been captured and tortured. (00:28:30 - 00:32:35)

Continuity mistake: It can be seen twice during the in-car arguement scene between the Wakefield parents that the passenger side fog light is out on their vehicle. After the bugged driveway scene where the car rotates 45 degrees while the wife is backing out (with fog lights off), you can catch a glimpse of the previously inoperative fog light being on and working perfectly as she drives down the street. (01:16:07)

Continuity mistake: In a scene where Michael Douglas's character is meeting people at an airport, an Army Captain is standing behind him, but the insignia on his headgear is on the wrong side. It should be on the left hand side, instead it is on the right.

Continuity mistake: When Benicio Del Toro visits his dead partner's wife after the "dig-your-own-grave scene, he is wearing a vertical stripe shirt. In the very next scene, he is driving a car with a solid red shirt on. (01:49:40)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Michael Douglas in driving up and down the "bad" streets looking for his daughter he is driving a tan Mercedes Benz, The next time when he is with his daughter's friend the car is a tan Cadillac. (01:48:05 - 02:01:10)

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