Klaus (2019)


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Klaus: A true selfless act always sparks another.

Klaus: Ho ho ho.
Jesper: Wait, wait, wait. Time out. Really? THAT'S how you laugh?

Mr. Ellingboe: Do you know what this is, little boy? This is tradition! Centuries of glorious hatred, passed down through generations! There was the hundred-day brawl of '45. Which we totally won! The maritime game of chicken. The Great Mooning of '86. So, if there's something we know going back as far as we can remember, it's that a Krum despises an Ellingboe, and an Ellingboe can't stand a Krum.

Jesper: Come on! We're running out of time! Those kids are counting on us.

Continuity mistake: The two cucumber slices that Jesper puts in the palm of the Drill Sergeant change position between shots - in particular, in the close-up with Jesper walking away and putting the teacup in his hand as well, the two slices are side by side, while they are instead one on top of the other before and after. (00:02:25)


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