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Will Foster: Okay. All right. That just happened.

Lab Tech: What if something horrible goes wrong?
Will Foster: Something already has.

Ed Whittle: What if something horrible goes wrong?
Will Foster: Something already has.

Will Foster: We're the sum total of what has happened to us and how we processed it. That's what makes us us. It's all neurochemistry.
Mona: Do you really believe that? That's all I am? Your children? Just pathways, electrical signals and chemistry? You have kids that love you and a wife that adores you and we have a scientist.

Ed Whittle: If we make a mistake, I need to know you are prepared to terminate.
Will Foster: We just won't make a mistake.

Plot hole: William is taking a scan of his own brain in the bathroom to try to upload into the robot body, about half way through the film. Later in the film to undermine Jones, he uploads this scan into the robot to give himself a strong ally in the fight who turns the tables. However this Robot William had the brain scan taken that was uploaded into it long before William knew that Paul was turning on him and going to kill his cloned family, which caused the real William to have a near mental break down and fall apart. When the robot William comes in, he's already in on the plan and starts kicking but to get the family back and is about to kill Jones. But there's no way this older brain scan would have reacted this way going into this situation.

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