This is Spinal Tap

Trivia: Originally, Rob Reiner was going to be in the band, but decided on just directing the film after the comment, "he didn't look good in spandex," was made by Harry Shearer.

Trivia: The band's name was originally going to be spelled "Spynal Tap," but it was changed because the band members wanted to fit in with the trend of misspelled band names. Harry Shearer later commented that "we later learned we spelled it right by mistake."

Trivia: The film was written by all of the actors who appear in the film.

Trivia: In an homage to Nigel Tufnul's amplifier that goes up to eleven, the IMDb ranking scale for the movie is out of 11, rather than out of 10 shown for other titles. Overall, This Is Spinal Tap has an 8/11 rating on IMDb.

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