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Corrected entry: The military used Hummers in the movie. H1 Hummers were not made until 1992.

Correction: The HMMWV (other wise known as Humvee) began production in 1983. Therefore there were military variations around in 1987. The civilian Hummer H1 was built in 1991.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Bumblebee is seen talking to Optimus Prime and also showed fireballs falling to earth. In the 2007 Transformers movie, Optimus Prime and others didn't arrive on earth until the early 2000's.

Correction: This film serves as a soft reboot, ignoring many elements of the previous continuity.

Factual error: In the landing scene with Bumblebee it says it's 1987. But you see H1 Humvees pull up. Humvees were not used by the military until 1989 in Panama.

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Suggested correction: HumVees were in use since 1984.

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Memo: The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.

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Trivia: Both the shortest "Transformers" movie (coming in at under two hours) and the least expensive film in the series. (Costing under $130 million, as compared to the $150-$200 million the other films cost).


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Question: Cinema Sins pointed out in the progress bar of the computer display that the word Percent is spelled with a hyphen. Like Per-Cent. I am aware that the word can be correctly spelled as percent and per cent. But doing some research the only mention I can find of it spelled with a hyphen as per-cent is just mentioned as an old way of spelling it. How old is that? And is it still within the time frame of this late 80's period movie to be spelling it as Per-cent on a computer display? https://youtu.be/HNri0mNI2PY?t=1159.

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