Get Out

Get Out (2017)

2 corrected entries

Corrected entry: Rod, the TSA agent doing his own detective work, searches for Andre Hayworth's name and a bunch of references come up including stories about him being missing for 6 months ("What happened to Andre Hayworth?" was at the top of the search results). He then goes to the police, tells them the story, and shows them the photo that Chris took of what appears to be the missing Andre. Why wouldn't he also show them the Bing page? Then they could compare the photo Chris took to the photos on the reference pages and they would've at the very least had to investigate instead of laughing Rod out of the precinct.


Correction: They're police. They probably all know about Andre Hayworth already and Rod would know this. So why bother showing them the page? Do you think the police didn't already investigate the matter? It's in the news! They're more interested in seeing how much information Rod gives them to see if what he's claiming is credible. However, he begins to over-explaining and they rightfully assume he's just nuts.

Corrected entry: Why does Rose's father throw away the man's brain if he is to transfer it into Chris' head?

Correction: He doesn't throw away the brain, first he throws the skin, then he throws the skull, he has the brain exposed when he calls for his son.



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