Angry Birds
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Judge Peckinpah: Mr. Red! What do we do now?
Red: Wait... You're asking me?
Judge Peckinpah: You tried to tell us but we didn't listen. I didn't listen.

Leonard: When I say Hey, you say Ho! Hey.
Birds: Ho.

Judge Peckinpah: Mr Red! Given the severity of the crimes, I have no choice but to impose the maximum penalty allowed by the law: Anger management class.
Red: Ugh. Pluck my life.

Ross: Come on Leonard dance.
Leonard: Leonard can't dance. He's hatching a new plan.

Red: Am I a passionate bird? Yes, but what does it matter that we're not the same?

Bomb: Okay, well... Sometimes when I get upset, I have been known to blow up.
Red: So you get mad?
Bomb: No, I literally blow up. I explode like a bomb, hence the name.

Red: Well, how about that? My teacher can shoot fire balls out of her butt.

Leonard: Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.

Red: That house took my five years to build.
Chuck: Wow. It's such a shame when you create something and everyone else destroys it.

Leonard: Greetings from my world! The world of the pigs.
Chuck: What's a pig?
Leonard: I am a pig! Unbelievable. Unbelievable.
Ross: Whoops.
Leonard: Whoa! Where we're going? Wrong way.
Ross: Oops. Not working.
Leonard: We've practice this a hundred times. Give it to me. We're gonna come in again.

Chef Pig: Things are looking sunny side up.

Red: That's me, Red. Ever since I was a kid, I never really fit in. No one understands me.

Red: Well this is dynamite.

Matilda: And this is Terence.
Red: More like terrifying.

Red: This is why we went for pedicures, isn't it?
Chuck: No, we got pedicures because we're worth it.
Bomb: I got gels.

Red: Hey you know what? I used to believe in you. When I was a kid I believed nothing really bad could ever happen because you were here. And now I see the fate of the world hangs on idiots like me. And that sir is sort of terrifying.
Mighty Eagle: It's time for you to go.
Red: You know it's really upsetting to me that you're the only bird who can fly and you're to afraid to do it.

Matilda: We're gonna be working managing our anger through movement.
Chuck: Eagle, heron, peacock, warrior, mountain, tree, rabbit, fish, locust, king pigeon, and of course, downward duck.
Red: Yuck.

Other mistake: After Terrance shows the painting of Matilda and she runs off, if you keep an eye on Terrance as the screen pans upwards when there isn't a lot of his body left, he randomly disappears when the pigs appear in the shot.

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Trivia: Terrence (Sean Penn) does not have a single word of dialogue throughout the entire film.

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