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Corrected entry: When Mark had got his helmet glass cracked in the front, he had duct taped it but in the later scene he has a perfectly clear and undamaged helmet. He could not have got it from any other place as all the other astronauts had taken theirs on board the Hermes.

Correction: Much like their food rations, NASA would provide them with numerous extra helmets for redundancy purposes. If one of their helmets were damaged and became unusable while on their mission and there were no extras lying around, then they would be SOL.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end when Matt is awake after launching the MAV, Commander Lewis mistakenly calls Mark Watley "Matt" when telling him the plans.

Correction: I've listened to this with headphones several times and I can't hear Lewis say "Matt" anywhere. She does say "Copy that, MAV", at one point (referring to the Ares4 Mars Ascent Vehicle Watney is in) - I think this must be what you heard.

Corrected entry: When Mark is receiving the messages outside from Pathfinder, he uses a Sharpie or similar to write messages in his notebook. This is impossible, as in Mars' atmosphere and temperature, the ink should be boiled off or frozen.

Correction: In all the scenes where he is actually seen writing (using what looks like a felt tip pen) he is inside a closed earth like environment. In the one scene where he is waiting by the Pathfinder ready to write it's not clear what type of pen he is using (only the back end is visible), it could be a mechanic pencil for all we know. Anyway the point is moot because diverse types of markers and pens able to write in weather conditions worst than Mars' (even vacuum) has existed since the Apollo missions if not before.

Corrected entry: In several shots when Mark is grabbing the tether in space outside the Hermes, both of his palms are outstretched. He cut through one so he could use the air to propel himself towards Hermes, but air is not escaping from his hands.

Correction: I checked. The hole is in his left hand and in all shots where no air jet is visible and the left hand does, he has it clenched, which prevent the air to escape as was shown previously when he get ready to leave the capsule. I was unable to find a shot were the cited mistake were visible.

Corrected entry: In all the outside scenes Watney's flexible spacesuit is un-pressurized and wrinkled. The material folds in to his body, not taut from the interior pressure.

Eric Sundberg

Correction: The whole idea behind the Ares EVA suits is that they are not pressurized; rather they are skin tight, allowing flexibility that pressurized suits do not.

Corrected entry: Johannson states that Mark Whatney's MAV was traveling at 741 m/s and his then altitude was 1350 meters. Then Commander Lewis states this is "too low." This must be too low, as at 741 m/s, he would have past 1350 meters in a little less than 2 seconds instead of the stated 12 minutes from launch to end of burn. This 1350 meters perhaps should have been 1350 km final altitude after the MAV finished its burn.



Correction: They are referring to orbital speed, not the speed he is going up. A faster orbital speed means he will be travelling further from the planet. His orbital speed is too low and as a result his orbit is too close to the planet to meet up with Lewis.

Corrected entry: Near the end while inside the Rover, Watney is leaving a note to future astronauts: "Take good care of this Rover it saved my life," signed Watnay instead of Watney.


Ron Wolfe

Correction: You're right that it kind of looks like an "a", but that's only because Watney made the loop so round it mostly obscures the bottom tail. If you look closely you can see it is indeed an "e".


Corrected entry: After being rescued on Sol 561, Watney tells his crewmates he hasn't showered for "a year and a half." But the day he leaves the Hab, Sol 461, Watney steps out of what is the shower, naked and toweling off his wet body and hair. So it has only been 100 Sols since he last showered. Even in Earth time that's less than 4 months - nowhere near a year and a half.


Correction: He took baths, but those aren't exactly the same, and regardless I'm pretty sure he meant a proper bath/shower, one that involved soap.

Then why he couldn't grow more potatoes if he had water?

Lack of water is not the reason Watney can't grow more potatoes after the blowout. He can't grow more potatoes because the potatoes and potato plants were all killed by the cold-there is nothing left to grow. Also, if he had lost his entire water supply...what would he drink?


Corrected entry: After the Hab blows he gets in the rover, which should always be warm from the nuclear device. However it appears very cold and even shows his breath condensing.

Correction: The Rover in this version (not like the book) goes almost complete vacuum, like the surface of Mars, when the doors are opened. This would cause a flash freeze inside the rover as all air that contains the heat will either be pumped into storage, or sucked out the door. The temp drop would be the same as when the Habitat decompressed, freezing everything in seconds.

Corrected entry: When Mark is communicating with the scientists at any given point while he is on Mars, they can communicate back and forth within seconds. In reality, it would take between 4.3-21 minutes for a message to reach Mark and vice versa.


Correction: They explain in the movie that it takes 30 minutes between communications. Obviously cut out due to not making people wait between every sentence.

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Mark Watney: I don't want to come off as arrogant here, but I'm the best botanist on the planet.



After Watney patches the blow out of one of the HAB's airlocks with plastic sheeting, tie down straps, and duct tape, he pressurizes the HAB and the plastic sheeting pushes out like an inflated balloon. Assuming the plastic and duct tape would hold this is correct, however the plastic would be much more taut given the pressure difference inside and outside. The real mistake is later in the scene during a sand storm the plastic flops in and out. The plastic would remain tautly inflated, since the inside pressure is much greater than outside, and since the HAB is airtight the storm would have no equalizing effect to cause the plastic to be sucked inward.



The secret project created to use the Hermes to return to Mars to rescue Watney was called Project Elrond, a reference from the Lord of the Rings (also used in the original book of The Martian). Mitch Henderson, played by Sean Bean, was an attendee at the Project Elrond meeting. Sean Bean also played Boromir, who was an attendee at the Council of Elrond in the LOTR movie.