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Rick Reynolds: I don' think that went as bad as you think it did. She'll make a ruling in a few days. Who knows, she may even surprise us.
Elliot Anderson: I couldn't have been a worse witness if I tried. No way in hell she's not gonna take Eloise away from me. Not a shot in hell.
Rick Reynolds: Ah, come on, you were great. Not a lot of the other Klan members could be that articulate.

Elliot Anderson: So sweet of him to bring Eloise over for a crack-smoking field trip, but she has to get home now to do her homework.

Duvan Araga: Have you thought about learning a new language? When I am low, or in a place in my life where I cannot make things happen the way I want them to happen, sometimes to busy myself, I teach myself a new language. It really seems to help me feel more at ease. Even if truly I am just distracted.
Elliot Anderson: Duvan, tell me the truth, what planet are you living on, okay. I'm not gonna report you, I just would like to know.

Rick Reynolds: You been drinking again?
Elliot Anderson: Why do you say that?
Rick Reynolds: Well, Haji drove here, your breath smells like Binaca, and you look like you spent the night being dragged through cobble stone streets by angry villagers. Other than that, I'm just guessing.

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