Tactical Assault

Factual error: When Doc and Lee are first engaged by Iraqi fighters, Lee has an F-4 on his tail, firing cannons located in both wings. Late model F-4s had an internal 20mm rotary cannon in the nose, and during the Vietnam war, under-wing gun pods were tried out, but there is no room within an F-4's wing for an internal cannon.


Factual error: When Lee is attempting to take out Serb/Croat mobile SAM launchers, he opts to fire Sidewinder missiles. The Sidewinder is an infra-red homing air to air missile that requires a heat source to lock onto. Knowing that there was the possibility of SAMs at the target area, his aircraft should have had a HARM loadout. The HARM locks on to the radar guidance system of a SAM launcher, and remembers where it is, even if it is then shut down.


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