Nebraska (2013)


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Kate Grant: What do you wanna do now? Bust into a silo and steal some corn?

Aunt Martha: Ray's foot's been bothering him. Ain't that right, Ray?
Uncle Ray: It's okay. Just hurts.

Woody Grant: I haven't been drinking.
Kate Grant: That's what you said on our first date.

David Grant: Hey Dad, you finally got your compressor back.
Woody Grant: That's not my compressor.
David Grant: Sure it is.
Woody Grant: Mine didn't look anything like that.
David Grant: It has to be yours. It's an old compressor we found in Ed Pegram's barn.
Woody Grant: That wasn't Ed's barn.

Woody Grant: This was my parents' room. I got whipped if they found me in here. I guess nobody's gonna whip me now.

Bart: So, you got any other cars?
David Grant: No. Just that one.
Bart: What's the engine?
David Grant: It's uh... four cylinder?
Bart: Yeah. But, what size?
David Grant: Oh, I don't really know.
Cole: What's your brother drive?
David Grant: Who, Ross?
Cole: Yeah, what does he drive?
David Grant: Ross has a Kia Rondo and Marcy has a Nissan Pathfinder. She carts the kids around a lot.
Bart: So, you all got Jap cars?
David Grant: Actually, Kia is Korean.

Woody Grant: I won a million dollars.
ER Doctor: Congratulations, that'll just about pay for a day in the hospital.

Woody Grant: I'm not trusting the mail with a million dollars.

Sheriff: Hey, partner.
Sheriff: Hold on there, just a second.
Sheriff: Where are you headed, there?
Sheriff: Where are you headed up to?
Sheriff: How are you doing there, bud?
Sheriff: Huh? Are you okay?
Sheriff: Where are you headed?
Sheriff: You headed down the road, there, huh?
Sheriff: (grunts).
Sheriff: Huh?
Sheriff: Where are you coming from?
Woody Grant: Yeah?

Receptionist: Does he have Alzheimer's?
David Grant: No, he just believes what people tell him.
Receptionist: That's too bad.

Woody Grant: So long, Albert.
Uncle Albert: So long, Woody.

David Grant: Dad, why didn't you tell us that wasn't Ed's house?
Woody Grant: I didn't know what the hell you were doing.
Ross Grant: Have you ever seen us steal machinery before?
Woody Grant: I never know what you boys are up to.
Ross Grant: Why didn't you say it wasn't yours?
Woody Grant: I thought you wanted it.
Ross Grant: What would we want an old compressor for?
Woody Grant: That's what I couldn't figure out.

David Grant: Well, why did you have kids, then?
Woody Grant: I like to screw, and your mother's a Catholic, so you figure it out.

Kate Grant: That's Ed Pegram singing.
Ed Pegram: And his momma cried, cause if there's one thing that she don't need, it's another hungry mouth to feed... in the ghetto. People don't ya understand.
Kate Grant: He always did have a nice voice. It was the only nice thing about that bastard.
Woody Grant: It's all right.
Kate Grant: All right? Did you know... he was always trying to get into my bloomers?
David Grant: Jesus mom. Was the whole town trying to seduce you?

Woody Grant: Have a drink with your old man. Be somebody.

David Grant: How did she die?
Kate Grant: Saw herself in the mirror one day.

Peg Nagy: I knew I didn't have a chance anyway.
David Grant: Yeah?
Peg Nagy: I wouldn't let him round the bases.

Bart: We could get you to Lincoln in an hour.
David Grant: Lincoln is over 200 miles.
Bart: Okay, hour-and-a-half.

Aunt Betty: Now Kate, we only want what's fair and what's fair is if Woody lends us back some money.
Kate Grant: You can all go fuck yourselves.

Factual error: David fills his car with gas and puts the gas cap back on, on the driver's side, but the Subaru Outback's gas cap is actually on the passenger side of his car. (00:14:50 - 00:24:50)

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