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Corrected entry: After the death of Patrick Hockstetter the losers gather by the fridge. Bev hugs Bill, then Richie, Mike and Ben join the hug. A few lines later it mentions all six of them hugging, but Stan didn't join the hug.

Correction: Yes, he does. The book clearly states that Stan puts his arms around Richie and Ben as they hug in the dump.


Corrected entry: When Ben writes the haiku for Bev, he says that he learned in school that haikus can only be seventeen syllables. First of all, haiku's are supposed to have five syllables in the first and third lines and seven in the middle line. But that's fair enough; maybe Ben forgot that. The mistake is that the haiku he writes is 18 syllables.

Correction: Character mistake made by an 11-year-old with a bad case of puppy love. He miscalculated, plain and simple.


Corrected entry: In chapter seven, when Richie, Beverly and Ben go to the movies, Richie and Beverly pay for their tickets when they arrive. Then when Ben arrives all three of them pay for their tickets, even though Bev and Richie already had theirs.

Correction: First of all, this happens in Chapter Eight, not Seven. And neither Richie nor Beverly pays for their tickets (Beverly could not have done so anyway, since she is flat broke), they just look through the windows, trying to find Ben.


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