Site redesign/rebuild

By Jon Sandys

Wed 28th Nov 2012

I'm embarking on the moderately Herculean task of a complete site redesign, virtually from the ground up - I was going to say that the design has been basically unchanged for over 10 years, but a quick look at the internet wayback machine proves that to be a complete lie, and it's actually moved forwards quite a bit since then, at least in some areas.

Regardless, it's been in its current format for several years, and making the occasional tweak without breaking anything (most of the time) has restricted me from implementing some more hardcore technological changes, behind the scenes and up front.

As such I'm working on a new design, and going through the entire site page by page, cleaning it up, clearing out old bits of code and pages/features hardly anyone uses (don't suddenly panic that something vital will vanish - I mean the areas that get such low usage they've clearly been stumbled onto by mistake), adding features that have been festering in my mind for a while, etc.

It'll be a fairly long time coming due to the scale of the job at hand, but I mention it because this is the ideal time for you, the kind-hearted visitor who reads rambling blog posts, to have some input. I can't promise everything suggested will be implemented, but if you have any sort of constructive comment to make about a new layout, new features, things that don't work as you think they should, things you definitely think should be kept, etc. please get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

I should say, design tips would be especially appreciated, given my eye is very much towards the functional rather than decorative (as a quick glance at the current design will tell you!) What I'm working on is a definite improvement, but it's still very much trial and error and guesswork, so I'm open to ideas.



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