Best movie mistake pictures of 2021

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Outside the Wire mistake picture

Character mistake: The woman with the AK-47 doesn't have the covers on the red dot optic open. In other words, she can't see her target.

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House of Gucci mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Patrizia paints her phone number on the scooter's windshield the numbers change between shots, check the 5 for example.

Sacha Premium member

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Space Sweepers mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Jang and Tiger are talking at the poker game, Jang points a gun at Tiger and is the gun seen pressing against Tiger's forehead. In the next shot, the gun is suddenly a few inches away from Tiger's forehead. (00:18:40)

Casual Person

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The Mitchells vs. the Machines mistake picture

Continuity mistake: While at Dino Stop, Katie convinces her dad not to play it safe and to take a chance to save the world. Rick agrees and extends his left hand for the "all hands, Mitchell family on three." In the closeup we see Katie put in her right hand, but in the wide shot Katie's left hand pulls out. Also, note that in the closeup both Katie's and Aaron's positions between their parents are switched. (00:45:00)

Super Grover Premium member

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Zack Snyder's Justice League mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Silas is killed, in the wide shot Cyborg is standing mostly upright in front of Flash. Cut to a closer shot and he's bent over. (02:51:45)

Jon Sandys Premium member

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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It mistake picture

Factual error: The girl in Ed Warren's hospital room is wearing a UConn sweater with the wordmark from their 2013 logo rebrand that had not existed anywhere near 1981. (00:21:30)

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Fear of Rain mistake picture

Factual error: There is a calendar in a scene towards the end of the movie which shows the date as Wednesday April 30, 2021 but the calendar does not align to the days of a real calendar. That date will be a Friday. (01:25:54)

Big Rich

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Jungle Cruise mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After the intro, the scene dissolves into a map that resembles the branches that trapped Aguirre. A shot later the design of the map is different.

Sacha Premium member

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The Suicide Squad mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Waller is telling "Task Force X" about the additional mission they need to pursue, saving Rick Flag. Watch the shot when Bloodsport repeats "Rick Flag?" and Waller replies "I know." The team is going through dense, uninhabited tropical jungle, but in the trees there are people in T-shirts just standing around looking at them. (00:31:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Red Notice mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Booth first arrives in Bali on the boat he's wearing a brightly patterned tropical shirt, and between shots the shirt's pattern completely changes, though it's the same style of shirt, then it changes back again. (00:13:40)

Super Grover Premium member

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The French Dispatch mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Krementz talks with Zeffirelli while he's taking a bath and asks her to close the bathtub curtain, the cigarette he previously had in the mouth disappears in the next shot when Mrs. Krementz closes the curtain.

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Fast & Furious 9 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Dom is putting Brian to bed at the start after Letty give Brian Dom's cross, the way Brian holds it changes between shots. (00:09:00)

Ssiscool Premium member

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