Best family movie factual errors of 2019

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Dora and the Lost City of Gold picture

Factual error: Dora picks up the solid gold statue - by the size it would weigh in excess of 500 lbs. She then lifts it up and places it back on the mantle above her head. A grown man could not do that, let alone a child. (01:31:06)

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The Secret Life of Pets 2 picture

Factual error: With a number of flowers blooming, the movie appears take place in spring. There are many scenes of central park with flowering trees and shrubs in full bloom. However, the yellow blooming shrubs called forsythia do not bloom at the same time as the flowering cherry trees. Forsythias bloom about a month earlier than cherries and are usually the first items to bloom in spring.

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Toy Story 4 picture Video

Factual error: In the antique shop, Woody is at a point where he's at the center of a tug-o-war between two sides, with the "bad toys" pulling on his draw string for his voice box. The voice box can still be heard spouting its lines, despite the fact that the tension on the string is never released allowing it to draw the string back in, which is what makes the sound. It can't make it's sounds with the string continually out in the pulled position.

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Troop Zero picture

Factual error: Drinking a juice box in 1977. They didn't appear in the US until 1980.

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Dumbo picture

Factual error: The silhouette elephant weather-vane is incorrectly made and would never point into the wind because the elephants are too far forward.

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Sonic the Hedgehog picture

Factual error: Speed radar guns work by measuring the speed of an object that is either approaching or moving away from it. So when it shows Sonic running across, the beam giving the measurement wouldn't work, and he would have barely even registered on the device. (00:04:44)

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Missing Link picture

Factual error: A blunderbuss is fired at a safe. The shot not only bores a hole into the safe but also blasts it out of the window behind it. First, a gun can do no such thing; a cannon can. (The film already establishes that the safe is incredibly heavy.) Second, the hole on the safe is wrong. It is gouged outward as if by an explosion from within. (00:38:10)


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The Addams Family picture

Factual error: Parker is looking for the phone her mom hid. She is moving a box of cereals. The cereal ingredient label has a few joke entries you may Miss at first (goat hair, bitter almond paste, false eyelashes), but the nutrition facts tab is also incoherent in a way too subtle to be a deliberate joke; sub-categories of each macronutrients exceed the total. For instance, it has 5 g of Fat in total, but 25 g of Cholesterol and 56 g of Saturated fat (at most it could be mg). (01:00:25)

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