Best crime movie mistake pictures of 2012

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Continuity mistake: Frank and Tony are talking with Flo and Tony is holding a bong. Through most of the scene, the bong is in Tony's right hand. But in several shots, it switches to his left hand. In one part in fact showing a side angle, Tony has the bong in his left hand and holding it on his leg. It then cuts to a close up and Tony points to Frank with the same but now empty hand. (00:05:40)

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Pusher mistake picture
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Character mistake: As Bruce Wayne is researching the jewel thief, the word "Heist" is spelled "Hiest" in a newspaper headline. (00:15:45)

The Dark Knight Rises mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: Bryan shoots the black Mercedes and it flips. The windshield falls right off. Three seconds later (literally), the windshield is still intact. (01:03:15)

Taken 2 mistake picture
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Continuity mistake: At the start, the bottle of Glenfiddich rotates on the desk with no-one touching it,. (00:05:45)

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The Aggression Scale mistake picture
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