Best TV deliberate mistakes of 2009

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Deliberate mistake: Many times throughout the show, a large bandage or makeup blot is visible on Lea Michele's right wrist, which is used to cover up her "I Believe" tattoo. This is most visible during "Don't Rain On My Parade" and her "Poker Face" and "For Good" duets.

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A Rose for Everafter - S2-E12

Deliberate mistake: When Ryan and Esposito give Beckett the surveillance tape of Sophie and Uncle Teddy, Beckett's computer reads the disc and plays the tape incredibly fast. Faster than any desktop PC I've ever seen.

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Show generally

Deliberate mistake: Because the opening narration was adapted from the original American series, the phrase describing the role of the Crown Prosecutors (e.g. "prosecutors who prosecute") is redundant.

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Hot Cocoa Bang Bang - S2-E22

Deliberate mistake: In this episode, it is revealed Donna and Robert got together because Robert saved her from a water fountain. In "Another Bad Thanksgiving", it was shown Donna's sister introduced Robert to Donna. (00:02:20)

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