Best crime movie mistake pictures of 2009

Factual error: In one scene, focused on a period wood-staked pickup truck parked on the street, you can see clearly a modern Jeep Grand Cherokee parked on the other side of the street.

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Public Enemies mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Alan and Doug the drug dealer are suggesting more accurate names for roofies, Doug places one hand on his hip with the other down by his side, but in the next shot, both hands are resting on his stomach.


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The Hangover mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Dom slams his black Buick Grand National into the side of the Petroleum tanker to get the coupling to break, the entire side of the car is stoved in, and the rear axle is seriously bent as evidenced by the angle of the back wheel. All subsequent shots, however, show the wheel intact and the damage to the side as slight denting.

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Fast & Furious mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the very beginning, when Quaid has finished showering and is picking his phone, wallet, badge, keys, etc, there is a shot of his hand as it is picking up his cellphone. Cut to a wide shot of him and the objects have moved. For example, the coins have become a close cluster, his pack of cigarettes is no longer on the newspaper, and his badge has switched places with the lighter.


Horsemen mistake picture

Character mistake: While examining "Diagramma della Verita" in the Vatican archives, Langdon is careful to use a cotton glove and a pair of tongs to turn the pages. But when he returns later to search the Bernini texts for clues about the "fire" church, he turns the book pages with his bare hands.

00:36:30 - 01:04:55

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Angels & Demons mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When William sees the way forward, he puts his hand on the glass. There is no blood on the glass from the previous shot, and in the next shot, when he tells Addy to be careful, the blood is back.


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Saw VI mistake picture

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