Best horror movie mistakes of 2001

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Visible crew/equipment: After the mother is beaten by her son (the first time we see them) and she resigns to her bedroom to check on her wounds, a boom mic can be seen coming in from the top left of the screen.

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Continuity mistake: When El Blanco is outside Burt's home, and leaves, there isn't any hole in the ground after him. Later, in the movie, when El Blanco gets underneath the earth, he leaves a big hole after him. Why wasn't it like that the first time?

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Continuity mistake: At the end when Dana fell off the roof, notice the scars on her face when she rolls off what used to be the Djinn. At first, they are simple scratches. When she gets to the roof of the building to find her boyfriend, the scars are deep scrapes. Then in the final shot they are back to simple scratches again.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Michael stabs Devon in the back, you can see the person who squirts the blood in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

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Revealing mistake: When Paul is in the car trying to escape, he hits one of the villagers. The man is obviously yanked back by a harness before the car hits him.


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Continuity mistake: When Kim is being chased through the woods by the attacker, she finally notices a shelter in the distance and runs towards it. As she stops in a clearing closeby, she is suddenly faced by the attacker who stabs her in the stomach with a machete. In the shot her right backpack strap has fallen off of her shoulder and is down to her elbow. But in the next shot of her falling backwards to the floor, the strap is suddenly back on her shoulder. (00:25:20)

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Other mistake: James is venturing inside the cave using his flashlight; forgetting the fact that the cave is perfectly lit and his electric torch serves no apparent purpose, it is shown casting a light on his own face despite the fact that he is pointing it forward. (00:03:50)

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