Best music movie mistakes of 1995

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Mr. Holland's Opus picture

Continuity mistake: Glen Holland owns a Chevy Corvair throughout the film. The car at the beginning of the film is a 1961 model 500 (the base model with bench seats), but at the end of the film it is a 1964 Monza (the top of the line model, with bucket seats).

James Phillips
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The Nutcracker picture

Continuity mistake: After the fruit people fall down, the camera pans over to a Christmas tree with lots of large red ornaments on it. You see The Nutcracker’s reflection come up on one as they move closer, and the reflection shows he has his arm outstretched pointing at something. The camera then cuts back to show Nutcracker and Marie, but his arm is not extended. He then lifts his arm to point.

Quantom X Premium member
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