Best animated movie mistakes of 1992

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Continuity mistake: The tiger bites the seat off the suitor's trousers, allowing the viewer to see his polka-heart boxers. When we see the tiger in the courtyard, he has a part of the same boxer shorts in his mouth. So if he bit off the seat of the trousers, shouldn't he have purple cloth in his mouth? (00:11:45)

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Cool World picture

Plot hole: At the end of the movie, when Lonette comes across Frank's dead body, she asks Nails what happened. Nails tells Lonette that he was pushed off a building by Holly Wood. Lonette then asks if Holly was in doodle form when she killed Frank. Nail says she was. There would be no way for Nails to know either of these things as he was trapped in the fountain pen when Frank died and wasn't released until the Spike Of Power was removed.

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Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation picture

Continuity mistake: As Hampton's family leaves town for Happy World Land, the car's odometer approaches 100,000 miles and, at this point, Wade grabs a camcorder with his right hand and starts videotaping the event. But in the next shot however he's steering the car with both hands - and still operating the camcorder somehow. (00:05:50)


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