Best romance movie mistakes of 1986

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Continuity mistake: After Eugene takes the stage to face Jack Butler, everyone (including Eugene) turns when Scratch walks into the room. When Scratch sits down and Eugene turns back to face Jack Butler, Eugene's hat is gone.

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Factual error: The brothers had a two-way mirror installed in the fitting room. Todd makes faces at his brother through the glass. If the mirror had really been two-way, the woman would have seen the reflection of Todd making the faces and would have known something was up. (00:19:28)

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Plot hole: Chelsea says that when her deceased father gave her one of his paintings (now missing), he wrote an inscription to her on the back. She says she cannot prove that he actually did this other than he noted it in his journal and she does not know where the journal is. However, when Chelsea's father presented the painting to her on her 8th birthday, there were at least 100 adults present at her party who witnessed him giving her the painting, writing the inscription, and signing his name on the back of the canvas which was displayed to the guests. Any number of these people could be contacted and corroborate her claim.

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