Best thriller movie deliberate mistakes of 1985

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Deliberate mistake: The same footage of Ms. Scarlet screaming when the cook falls out of the freezer is used when Wadsworth falls out of the freezer. (Note the cigarette.)

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Deliberate mistake: The entire plot wouldn't exist without this one, but just before the engineer stumbles out the door and falls off, he pulls the big red lever on the left side of the cab. In the real world this puts the air brake system into its emergency mode. Among other things, this mode trips a solenoid which causes the engine to return to idle, and the electrical system to not put out power. Neither the Diesel engine nor the electrical system will respond to control inputs until/unless the air system is reset.

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Deliberate mistake: When Matrix arrives to the beach and arms himself up, a cloud of smoke appears out of nowhere. This results in a more dramatic shot, but it's totally senseless. (01:07:35)

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Deliberate mistake: When Rambo attacks the POW camp with the Hue helicopter you can at one point see that the rocket pods carries 7 rockets each, however during the attack Rambo launches roughly 26 rockets from each pod as they fire simultaneously.

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Witness picture

Deliberate mistake: To keep things simple, the movie relies on the Lancaster County Sheriff as a county police force. In reality, the county sheriff serves the county court (transporting prisoners, for example) but does not serve as a county wide police force. In PA, each city, borough, and township has its own police force. Note the varied colors of police cars at the farm in one of the final scenes. These were borrowed from the various local police forces (Lancaster City, for example, is robin egg blue with a white top).

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