Best war movie continuity mistakes of 1976

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Continuity mistake: During the scene when Torpedo Eight squadron is slaughtered during its attack on Nagumo's carriers, Ensign George Gay's aircraft changes appearance several times. This is due to the different snippets of wartime footage being cobbled together. When the squadron commences its attack, his plane is a Vindicator. When his plane is the last one left, it has changed into an SBD Dauntless. When Gay's plane has been hit and is diving towards the sea, it has become an Avenger. Finally, when his aircraft hits the water, it has become a Hellcat.

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The Eagle Has Landed picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Devlin meets Molly for the first time (outside the pub) the ARP sand and water buckets on the wall are in one position. When Molly leaves the scene, just before Devlin enters the pub, the sand and water buckets have changed position. (00:43:15 - 00:44:20)

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Carry On England picture

Continuity mistake: When Sergeant Major sounds the wake up call in Connor's hut, the Sergeant Major's lanyard (the rope on his uniform) is on his right shoulder. But in the next scene when he is ranting at Patrick Mower and the lads, the lanyard is on his left shoulder.

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Stormtroopers picture

Continuity mistake: The protagonist (Renato Pozzetto) is having an argument with his superior while smoking a joint. He gets back in line after threatening him with a stone; the joint is in his mouth. Cut, and he is holding the joint in hand and putting it only then in his mouth. (00:19:00)

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