Best movie visible crew/equipment of 1972

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More The Godfather visible crew/equipment
The Poseidon Adventure picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Rev. Scott swims up the first stairwell, after pushing aside the dead crew member, as his head comes up the shaft, you can see, very quickly, the flippers of a crewmember swimming out of the shot behind him. (01:22:55)

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More The Last House on the Left visible crew/equipment
The Valachi Papers picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the very beginning, just after the flowers are delivered, a boom mike drops in from the top of the screen.

More The Valachi Papers visible crew/equipment
More Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex visible crew/equipment
Deliverance picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Voight is making his way down the cliff face, he is rappelling. You can see a crew member feeding him rope at the top behind the trees.


More Deliverance visible crew/equipment
Nybyggarna picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Robert and Arvid are in the desert and Robert falls into the pit, you can see the shadow of director Jan Troell holding the camera.

More Nybyggarna visible crew/equipment
More Last Tango in Paris visible crew/equipment
1776 picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of 'Sit Down John' as Adams is walking out of the Assembly Room, you can see a crew light reflected in the tally/vote board behind him. It's also rather bright in a room, at night, that is only supposed to be lit by candles.

More 1776 visible crew/equipment
What's Up, Doc? picture

Visible crew/equipment: There is a boom mic visible when Eunice is arguing with the badge lady over her identity.

More What's Up, Doc? visible crew/equipment
More Superfly visible crew/equipment
Mutiny on the Buses picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Arthur's bike has crashed into the road workers hut, it goes along the road with the hut on top of the bike. If you look through the hut window you can see some crew members holding the hut up.

More Mutiny on the Buses visible crew/equipment
Sleuth picture

Visible crew/equipment: After blowing up the safe, when Andrew and Milo are trying to pry open the jewelry box there is a person standing behind the window looking inside. (00:45:00)


More Sleuth visible crew/equipment
All the Way Boys picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Spencer and Hill fly the second air plane, the studio headlights are mirrored in Hill's sunglasses. (00:20:35)

More All the Way Boys visible crew/equipment
Joe Kidd picture

Visible crew/equipment: Not sure if was a crew member but just before they are planning to shoot 5 people Joe runs across the land and there is a guy lying on the ground. It looks like he's lifting his head or something.

More Joe Kidd visible crew/equipment
Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance picture

Visible crew/equipment: After the final battle, the last surviving Ronin is begging Itto to spare him and there is a shot from behind him as he is backing up. Watch the lower left side of the screen and you can see the shadow of some equipment (probably the camera) moving backwards as well. (01:19:27)

Jack Vaughan

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Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in Peril picture

Visible crew/equipment: After defeating Gunbei in a duel, Itto enters a temple to pray to Buddha. As Itto walks to the altar the camera passes by a number of pillars and statues and the shadow of the camera is cast on them a couple of times. (00:34:24)

Jack Vaughan

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Aguirre, The Wrath of God picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the film's final moments, as the camera revolves around the raft, you can see the wake made by the camera boat on the river's surface. (01:32:49)

Jack Vaughan

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More Carry on Abroad visible crew/equipment

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