Best movie audio problems of 1964

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Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte picture

Audio problem: After disposing of Dr. Drew's supposedly dead body, Miriam tells Charlotte to get out of the car and go up to her room. Charlotte has been wearing thin slippers on her feet yet when she steps onto the porch, you can hear the sound of heels as she walks. (01:57:25)

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My Fair Lady picture

Audio problem: In the song "I'm Getting Married in the Morning" Alfred steps on the pianist's hand. After this, is the piano keys he hits aren't the same as what we hear.

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Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer picture

Audio problem: At the end of the elf concert, when Mrs. Claus walks right out right after Santa does, we hear the sound effect of a door slam before she even closes the door. (00:13:40)

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Hard Day's Night picture

Audio problem: As George sings, "I'm happy just to dance with you" four girls stand next to Paul and Ringo as their boss comes out yelling at them to get back to work. If you look at Ringo, his drumming is in perfect sync with the song but Paul's bass playing is not. (00:54:35)

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Goldfinger picture

Audio problem: We know that all of Goldfinger (Gert Frobe)'s dialogue was dubbed by another actor. It was done quite well, except in the scene where Goldfinger is showing Mr. Ling around his factory. His lips are moving, but none of the dubbed dialogue matches it. (00:40:15)

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Mary Poppins picture

Audio problem: During the Spoonful of Sugar song Mary stands in front of a mirror and sings along with her reflection. Her reflection sings "they find." but the mouth movements do not match. (00:33:30)

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Father Came Too! picture

Audio problem: When Mr Chipfield groans after removing his finger from the two pieces of wood in the wallpaper scene, his mouth doesn't move.

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False Hare picture

Audio problem: When the Big Bad Wolf is blasted through the wall a second time, we cut back to Bugs who says "I don't see why anybody thinks these club initiations are dangerous." When he says it, the audio is a few frames behind his mouth.

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The Yellow Rolls-Royce picture

Audio problem: When Rex Harrison and his wife come back from a drive in the new car, a man is winding the record player so it will play the record, but as he winds, the player moves, which would surely make the record jump, but it doesn't - the sound is perfect.

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