Best adventure movie continuity mistakes of 1961

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Atlantis, the Lost Continent picture

Continuity mistake: The shots are badly mismatched when Demetrius saves the elderly slave about to fall from the rope. Their arms and legs shift positions multiple times between takes.

Jean G
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101 Dalmatians picture101 Dalmatians mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the park, when Pongo tries to get Roger to meet Anita he yanks Roger ahead, and Roger leaves his hat on the bench. In the next shot, when Roger and Anita are entwined in Pongo's leash, Roger is wearing his hat. (00:09:30)

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Guns of Navarone picture

Continuity mistake: When David Niven climbs the ladder to place explosives on the gun he is fully clothed. In the next second, showing him at work on the gun, he has no tunic and no officer's cap. (02:09:30)

Greg McCreanor
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Mysterious Island picture

Continuity mistake: When the two men are carrying water up to their new cave home (via a home made elevator), one of the men is holding two buckets of water. In the shot where you can see the sea behind them, this man hands the second man a bucket of water, which he takes. In the very next shot, from inside the cave, the first man has both buckets and again hands the other man the bucket of water. (00:48:35)

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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea picture

Continuity mistake: After the fire in the captain's quarters everyone goes on deck for some fresh air. When they finally go below everyone has sweat soaked shirts except the psych doc who is perfectly dry.

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The Comancheros picture

Continuity mistake: When Jake Cutter and Paul Regret ride into the ranch yard, two of the victims are hanging upside down over the gate. In the close-up, there are three arrows imbedded in the gate posts. In the far shots, the arrows are not present.

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