Best short movie mistakes of 1954

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Little Boy Boo picture

Continuity mistake: When Prissy's son is writing an equation on how to throw the baseball, he is writing it on the grass. But when we see a close-up of the equation, he is writing it on plain ground.

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Mice Follies picture

Continuity mistake: After Nibbles pulls off the whiskers on the right-hand side of Tom's face, he puts the whiskers under the carpet near the door. But when Tom tries to capture Jerry and Nibbles in the next shot, the whiskers are fully grown again.

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Bugs and Thugs picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the cartoon, you can see that Mugsy is bald, but when he pulls Bugs away from the telephone box, he now has hair under his hat.

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Baby Butch picture

Continuity mistake: When Butch opens the door to steal the ham from the fridge, the handle is initially on the right hand side of the door, but when he opens it later on the handle has moved to the left hand side.

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Continuity mistake: When Quacker shows Jerry the picture of the ugly duckling in his book, you can see the book is standing up, but when we see the picture in the next shot, the book is lying flat on the ground.

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Pigs Is Pigs picture

Continuity mistake: When Piggy is seated at the dinner table, there is a bowl of fruit with a yellow lid next to it, and Piggy has in front of him a plate with a spoon on one side and a knife and fork on the other. After Piggy's mother stops him from taking some fruit, we cut back to Piggy, and the bowl of fruit and yellow lid have disappeared, and he only now has a spoon by the plate.

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Design for Leaving picture

Audio problem: When Elmer has his hat and coat taken off by the Hat and Coat Remover, he says "Hey! What is this?" but his mouth doesn't move.

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Goo Goo Goliath picture

Continuity mistake: When John comes home and finds his son's toys on the lawn, the red truck has a registration number on the back of it, but when John is speaking to Ethel in the next shot, the registration number has disappeared.

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Captain Hareblower picture

Continuity mistake: When Sam confronts Bugs by the Powder Room, Bugs takes out a match, lights it and throws it into the Powder Room. You can see that the packet of matches is now one short. When Sam tells Bugs that "If you does that once more, I ain't a-goin' after it!" we cut to Bugs and when he takes out the packet, it is now full with matches again.

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No Barking picture

Continuity mistake: When Frisky Puppy is looking inside the box at the dump, the fence behind him is grey, but in the next shot it is white.

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Hic-cup Pup picture

Continuity mistake: When Spike threatens to kill Tom for giving him the hiccups, you can see that there is a burst paper bag by Spike and there is nothing in Tyke's bed, but when Tom crashes on the ground after climbing onto the house's guttering, the paper bag has disappeared and there is now a pillow and blanket in Tyke's bed.

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By Word of Mouse picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Hans walking down the rope from the boat, he's carrying plain pink cloth. But when we see Hans the next time, the cloth now has white spots on it.

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My Little Duckaroo picture

Continuity mistake: When Porky tells Daffy to arrest Nasty Canasta, you can see the window next the door has four panes of glass, but when Daffy challenges Canasta to a fight, the number of panes has increased.

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Continuity mistake: When Jerry and one of the puppies hear Tom whistling during the thunderstorm, you can see that there is a newspaper by the puppy when he and Jerry look out from their shelter, but when Tom falls into the river, we cut back to Jerry and the puppy and the newspaper has disappeared.

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Pet Peeve picture

Continuity mistake: When Tom is playing with a ball of yellow wool next to Joan, look at the chair next to the table and you can see that George is missing, but in the next shot he is back in the chair.

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