Best thriller movie mistakes of 1953

The War of the Worlds picture

Continuity mistake: When Sylvia and Dr. Forrester are in the farm house, Sylvia cooks some eggs, then places the plates of eggs on the table. As she places them down you can see a plate with toast stacked on it. This plate disappears in the next shot of them both sitting down.


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Continuity mistake: Several dark marks appear then disappear and then reappear at different times on the Loomis's front door to cabin B. The marks are there during the party when George Loomis storms out and breaks the record, but then they're not there as Marilyn walks back into the room after speaking to the Cutler's.


It Came from Outer Space picture
It Came from Outer Space mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Opening credits (also a few minutes in) has a fiery spaceship crashing into the camera for this was a 3D movie. What's interesting is that a mirror can be seen on the left portion of the screen just before the collision. This was apparent at the theatres and on the VHS tape release. For some reason, the DVD release has it cropped out and now the spaceship is off-centered at the beginning (fortunately the bonus material still shows it).


Larry Koehn