Best war movie mistakes of 1945

Other mistake: In the opening scene of this German movie from 1944, a panoramic view of the city of Potsdam is shown with the subtitle "Potsdam 1813". In the background, the two high radio masts of the Potsdam Military Communication Central can be seen very clearly before the sky.

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Objective, Burma! picture

Continuity mistake: After the raid on the Japanese radar site as Errol Flynn is on the radio sitting next to a radioman talking to the supply plane his hair is sweaty and forming circles on his forehead. When the scene shifts to a close-up of Errol his hair is in straight lines.Then when the scene goes back to the two of them his hair is in circles again.

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Draftee Daffy picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy sees the man from the draft board, he puts various items in front of the door to prevent him from entering. But when he goes to the door with his packed suitcases, the items have all gone.

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