Best movie trivia of 1935

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Bride of Frankenstein picture

Trivia: Boris Karloff hated the idea of having the monster talk because he had built the integrity and 'charm' of the monster around silence.

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The 39 Steps picture

Trivia: Director Alfred Hitchcock has a cameo role in this film - he is seen tossing some litter as Richard and Annabella run from the music hall.

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Mutiny on the Bounty picture

Trivia: The last film to date to win the Academy Award for Best Picture and no other Oscars.

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Thicker Than Water picture

Trivia: Laurel and Hardy's final short comedy.

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Tit for Tat picture

Trivia: "Tit for Tat" was the only sequel Laurel and Hardy ever made. It was the successor to their 1934 film "Them Thar Hills."

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Mickey's Fire Brigade picture

Trivia: When the fire creatures dance on the piano keys, the tune they play is "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?", which was featured in the 1933 Walt Disney cartoon "Three Little Pigs."

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