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Bride of Frankenstein picture

Other mistake: It's the scene when Dr. Frankenstein's fiancee is being held hostage. To prove that she's all right, her captor allows her to talk to Dr. Frankenstein through a telephone type device. She's supposed to be tied up with her hands behind her back. But she pulls one arm from behind her for a fraction of a second, then tucks it back behind her again.

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Pop Goes the Easel picture

Other mistake: After Moe has painted the cop's face with a paint brush, the Stooges walk across a floor that is covered with wet black paint, yet when they are in the room in the next shot, they leave no footprints on the floor.

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The 39 Steps picture

Other mistake: When we see the Church Hymnary being opened, the date on the left-hand page is signed by Margaret in 1928, but the book is dated 1932.

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On Ice picture

Other mistake: In the opening shot, while Horace and Clarabelle are skating in the foreground, you can also see them skating in the background.

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Mickey's Fire Brigade picture

Other mistake: When Mickey Mouse is standing in front of the dressing table mirror whilst fighting the fire with a pair of scissors, there is no reflection of him in the mirror.

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