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Romancing the Stone

New this month Continuity mistake: When Joan and Jack arrive in the town, Danny De Vito is on the public phone to his cousin, Ira, and when he sees Jack and Joan, he says "You are the luckiest son of a bitch; she's coming right toward the phone booth," but he says this before Jack and Joan have even seen the phone booth, let alone walked towards it.

Revealing mistake: When Michael Douglas attempts to swing on a vine over a deep abyss, the (fake) rock that he runs into on the other side gives like a marshmallow.

Continuity mistake: When Ralph drives off with Zolo in the car and turns around in the road, the bus passengers are shown further up the road. However, once the car is in forward motion, they are not seen again.

Continuity mistake: When Jack goes down the mud slide he loses his hat. In the next shot the hat is back on his head.

Continuity mistake: When Joan tries to cross the gorge on the decrepit bridge the distance of planks on this bridge differs largely, depending on the camera angle.

Continuity mistake: Before Joan and Jack go down the waterfall in Ralph's car they are seen heading for the sliding roof to get out. In the next, wide shot a split second later they are hanging on to the sides.

Continuity mistake: As Jack presents Joan with the necklace when they are seated at dinner during the festival scene, the one he is holding in his hand is a beaded necklace, to attract more light for the further camera shot, only when the close up of the table occurs it is a completely different necklace.

Romancing the Stone mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Zolo stops Ralph's car he shows him a police ID. The way he holds up the ID differs completely, depending on the camera angle.

Factual error: When Ralph's Renault R4 goes head on into the shallow and rocky river it emerges without a dent.

Continuity mistake: The straw surrounding the rabbit statue is completely dry, although it has been in water for many years only covered by coarse cloth.

Audio problem: When the military asks Jack where the heart is, after he replies it's in a safe place, another guard uses his rifle to hit him in the groin - the hit is clearly fake.

Continuity mistake: When Joan and her editor wait for a cab to take her to the airport it is snowing in some camera angles, in others not. Her jacket is either dry or wet correspondingly.

Continuity mistake: When Jack is digging for the stone his front hair is dangling loosely, but in all frontal shots when he looks at Joan it's stuck to his forehead.

Continuity mistake: When Jack and Joan crash into the river above the waterfall, the hood on their car pops open and appears to be seriously askew. In the next scene, as they float down the river, the hood has become tightly closed.

Revealing mistake: When Jack and Joan's car goes into the river, a rope is visible holding the car to prevent it from flipping over.

Romancing the Stone mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The piece of wood Zolo grabs as a weapon changes shape between shots. When he threatens Joan with it, seen from behind the end is quite even, but when seen from the front (and when he picks it up at first) it is pointy.

Continuity mistake: When Zolo catches Joan, Jack and all, Ira has the map in one hand. In one clip it is folded out and the front is shown. In the next clip it is folded differently.

Continuity mistake: When Joan slides down the hill through the jungle, she lands in a pool of water, with her back to the 'slide'. But in the next clip she has turned 180 degrees.

Continuity mistake: After Joan and Jack jump out of the car in the waterfall, Jack exits the water, stands on a rock, and waves at Joan. When the angle changes he is coming out again, repeating all the movements.

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The end credits of the film don't have the usual "No animals were harmed during the filming..." Maybe this is because when the Little Mule 4WD is being chased, it clearly runs over a chicken.