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Apocalypse Now

Continuity mistake: In the playboy bunny scene, the helicopter's main rotor keeps on starting and stopping.

Apocalypse Now mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the major helicopter scene when Ride of the Valkyries is played, the actual tape isn't going over the playing heads.

Apocalypse Now mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Colonel Kilgore leans down to give the VC soldier a drink from the canteen watch closely as the roses on the rosebush to the left of the injured soldier disappear and then reappear between shots.

Continuity mistake: The day after the USO Playboy Bunny show, the patrol boat canopy is set afire by some pranksters from a passing boat. Yet, that night in the scene at the Do Lung Bridge, the canopy is intact. It goes through some amazing transformations during the remainder of the picture.

Visible crew/equipment: As he follows Colonel Kilgore, a grenade explodes behind Captain Willard after someone shouts, "fire in the hole". The shadow of a crewmember can be seen getting out of the way on the left of the screen before the explosion.

Factual error: When LtC. Kilgore requests the air strike, you can see that the F-5s are not carrying any ordnance under their wings, except for a centerline fuel tank. Also, their color scheme varies from a white to a greyish one.

Continuity mistake: As they watch Lieutenant Col. Kilgore's helicopter battle from their boat the captain says "It was the air-cav. 1st of the 9th" and Clean appears in the middle of the boat under the flag between shots.

Continuity mistake: In the first few scenes with the air cavalry commander, his black hat has a lieutenant colonel rank and a small crossed-sword emblem on it. Later, as his helicopter lands on the beach, his hat has no rank and is emblazoned with a very large crossed-sword Cav emblem.

Continuity mistake: After the helicopter attack when the chopper drops the patrol boat into the water, you can see the canopy and the radar type antenna break and collapse. When you see it again it's in perfect condition.

Continuity mistake: Back on the boat after the tiger attack Chef, freaks out and yells, "Yes I've had itÂ…" and the surfboard behind Chief Phillips' head moves about a foot to the left between shots as he says, "Tiger?".

Continuity mistake: Inside the helicopter Chef poses Miss May with the black wig and says, "that's it, voila". The white bird sitting on his shoulder disappears between shots.

Continuity mistake: The three adjoining huts on the beach with the communist flags in front of them explode twice at different times in the scene. Then they appear again undamaged in another overhead shot of the beach as a helicopter pilot says, "We're taking fire from the holes".

Continuity mistake: As Chef grabs the black wig it's clear to see that the window on the helicopter door has a strain crack going down the middle of it. It's there for two shots then when Clean hammers on the helicopter door the first time it's not broken. After he climbs up onto the helicopter and bangs on the front windshield he comes back to the side window a second time and it's cracked again.

Continuity mistake: Before he talks to the sergeant about fuel for the boat Captain Willard looks out at the stage were the USO show is going to be held and it's not raining as it was in the previous shot of him walking on the dock.

Continuity mistake: After the soldiers crash the stage Miss May Goes from having no one around her to having a bunch of soldiers surrounding her between shots.

Audio problem: As Playmate of the Year Carrie Foster is brought out to the audience carried by two Green Berets watch the band behind her closely. The bass player stops playing as he scratches his head but the bass on the soundtrack keeps going.

Continuity mistake: After Lieutenant Col. Kilgore introduces Lance to his surfing buddies they all walk away and Captain Willard takes a drag from his cigarette holding it with his right hand. A band-aid appears on his right thumb between shots for the first time in this scene.

Continuity mistake: As they pull up next to the Vietnamese sampan Clean runs to the port side of the boat in order to catch the tow rope. Chef is standing behind Captain Willard in middle of the boat and doesn't move and all. In the next shot Clean and Chef are both standing on the edge of the port side of the boat.

Continuity mistake: On the boat they offer a joint to Captain Willard who approaches them clean-shaven and dry. He wants nothing to do with them and goes back to his work but in the next shot he's dripping wet and needs a shave.

Continuity mistake: Roxanne prepares a pipe for Captain Willard and says, "It was the morphine he took for the wounds he suffered in his heart." The shadow of her left hand falls on her face as she holds the needle over the flame. In the next shot, however, the lighting has changed and the shadow is now nowhere near her face.

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Chef: Why do all you guys sit on your helmets?
Soldier: So we don't get our balls blown off.



In the scene with the man making the movie when they attack the beach, the man shooting the movie saying "Don't look at the camera" is actually Francis Ford Coppola.