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Continuity mistake: When Carrie makes the ashtray flip off of the Headmasters desk, a mess of ash and cigarettes fall onto the edge of his desk, but in the next overhead shot, the desk is clean.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Carrie's mom stabs her in the back and she rolls down the stairs,we can see blood on her back.But later when Carrie has telekinetically killed her mom and is dragging her into the closet,the blood has disappeared.

Revealing mistake: When Sue Snell wakes from her nightmare, listen carefully as her mother comforts her. At one point, she calls her Amy, which is the actress's real name (they're mother and daughter in real life).

Continuity mistake: When the teacher reads Tommy's poem in class, the position of Carrie's hair constantly changes from in front of, to behind her shoulder.

Revealing mistake: After killing her, Carrie drags her mother into the closet, yet you can see her mother is walking.

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Revealing mistake: When Carrie is hurling knives telekinetically, the first knife which hits her mother in the hand, you can see the metal protection plate that the knife actually hits instead.

Visible crew/equipment: As the house is crumbling in on itself in one of the last scenes, there are a couple of shots of the ceiling being pushed in by some 'unseen force'. if you look closely as the last bit is falling, you can catch a glimpse of a hand and black sleeve pushing it in.

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Continuity mistake: The 1967 Chevelle SS changes to a GTO, then back to a Chevelle as it crashes.

Revealing mistake: At the very end, when Sue is walking towards Carrie's grave site to place flowers on the grave, a car in the distance crosses an intersection backwards, giving away the method used to create the weird walk - playing the film in reverse.

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Continuity mistake: When Billy and Sam are placing the pigs blood above the stage, Billy spills three drops of blood onto Sam's torch, but in the next shot there is only one drop on it.

Continuity mistake: When Carrie breaks a mirror in her house late in the movie, you could see it was shattered. But when her mother enters, the mirror only has a few cracks in it. If Carrie put the pieces back with her mind, wouldn't there be more cracks?

Continuity mistake: At the prom scene after the bucket of blood has fallen there is a frontal shot of Carrie without the tiara she had been wearing. The subsequent overhead shot shows the tiara clearly visible.

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Revealing mistake: When Carrie is hurling knives telekinetically at her mother near the end, spot the wire attached to (and subsequently controlling) the last few knives, particularly the vegetable peeler.

Continuity mistake: The red car Chris was driving became a white, two-tone car, and the type changes as well.

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Factual error: In the DVD theatrical trailer for "Carrie," Stephen King's name is misspelled. It is spelled "Steven".

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, between the time Carrie finishes her bath after the prom and the time her mother stabs her, the wetness of Carrie's hair changes from shot to shot. When she first puts on her nightgown, her hair is almost dry; later on, about when her mother says, "We'll pray," her hair is very damp; when her mother stabs her, her hair is almost dry again.

Continuity mistake: After Carrie wreaks havoc on the high school prom and exits the high school Gym at the end keep an eye on the streamers in the windows. They aren't even burning. You can tell the fire is super-imposed by the camera.

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Continuity mistake: When Carrie's mother locks Carrie in the closet, Carrie takes a box of matches, lights the match, then lights a candle and places the matchbox down on a Bible. In the next shot the matchbox is gone.

Continuity mistake: When Carrie and her mum are eating apple cake, Carrie tells her mum she's been invited to the prom and her mum puts down her cup of tea, still holdng the handle. In the next shot her hand is away from the cup.

Continuity mistake: When Carrie is talking to the gym teacher on the outside bench, in the wide shots Carrie's hair is perfectly flat but in the closer shots, there's a big spot on her left side that's sticking out.

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