Most horror movie revealing mistakes of 1998

1Blade pictureBlade (1998)6
2Urban Legend pictureUrban Legend (1998)4
3Psycho picturePsycho (1998)4
4The X-Files Movie pictureThe X-Files Movie (1998)2
5Disturbing Behavior pictureDisturbing Behavior (1998)2
6Bride of Chucky pictureBride of Chucky (1998)2
7Deep Rising pictureDeep Rising (1998)2
8Halloween: H20 pictureHalloween: H20 (1998)2
9Vampires pictureVampires (1998)1
10Phantoms picturePhantoms (1998)1
11Ringu pictureRingu (1998)1
12Beloved pictureBeloved (1998)1



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