Best sci-fi movie visible crew/equipment of 1994

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Stargate pictureStargate mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Throughout the movie, in the shots of the guys on the alien planet, the white reflector screens and film crew's reflections are visible in their sunglasses. (00:40:20)

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Tangents picture

Visible crew/equipment: If you look at the ridiculous circus-looking mirror in the background of the CEO's supposed office, a boom mike lifts out of the reflection a little too late. It's in the shot when Nick is escorted away by security.

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Star Trek: Generations picture

Visible crew/equipment: On the Enterprise-D bridge, when the ship is hit and crewmen go flying, you can see one man go over the bridge railing backward. Twice, from different angles. When he lands the second time, the edge of a blue pad to cushion his fall pops up into the bottom of the shot. (00:16:05)

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Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the spheres fly through the air you can see a "dot" following which is the camera.

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The Puppet Masters picture

Visible crew/equipment: While Mary, Sam, and Andrew are leaving the TV station some guy in a red vest attacks Sam. Sam knocks him down and Andrew hits him with his cane. As the camera pans back up to show Andrew, you can see the film crew reflected in the window of the doorway.

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