Best family movie mistake pictures of 1989

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the 1985 Jennifer is in her 2015 home and says "I get married in the Chapel-O-Love?" right before she picks up the picture note the Chapel-O-Love picture and frame on the bookcase behind her. After she picks it up and drops it leaving it on the floor she looks for a place to hide. Later on when the old Lorraine and George are in the living room, take another look at the picture on the bookcase; the Chapel picture is set back up. You could argue Lorraine would have had enough time to set it back up. But look at the Chapel picture; it's inserted in the frame upside down. You can tell by looking at the frame stand behind it. Meaning someone physically removed the picture and put it that way.


Back to the Future Part II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Eric's statue changes between shots, notice the position of the right fist.

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The Little Mermaid mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Nick is in the spoon, the milk around him turns green.

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Honey I Shrunk The Kids mistake picture