Best sport movie factual errors of 1984

The Natural picture

Factual error: In the coffee shop when Roy Hobbs is having coffee, there is a Coca-Cola sign in the window featuring the "fishtail" logo used between roughly 1957 and 1961, not the time period portrayed in the movie.

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The First Olympics: Athens 1896 picture

Factual error: During their transatlantic boat trip, on their way to Athens, the American athletes are having fun naming various foods from back home that they already miss. One of them claims he misses chocolate chip cookies. Oops. That particular cookie didn't exist until Ruth Wakefield invented it in 1930.

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Jon Nicholas
Oxford Blues picture

Factual error: When Rob Lowe first arrives in Oxford he is driving down a street taking in the sights. Most of the sights he views are actually scattered throughout the town and not on any one street. This is especially true for Radcliffe Camera (part of the Bodlean Library) as it is in a cobblestone courtyard completely surrounded by buildings and cannot be viewed from any street.

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The Karate Kid picture

Factual error: When Mrs. Laruso is driving Daniel on his first date, when they pull up to her house, you can see she uses a column shift to put the car in park. When they attempt to leave and the car won't start, Mrs. Laruso asks the girl if she can drive a stick. This car is not a stick and can't be roll started.

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