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Gone with the Wind picture

Trivia: Hattie McDaniel's portrayal of Mammy earned her an Academy Award, the first to be given to an African American.

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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington picture

Trivia: The real-life inspiration for Jefferson Smith was Sen. Rush Holt (D-WV), elected in 1934. (His son, also named Rush, is currently a Congressman from New Jersey).

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Son of Frankenstein picture

Trivia: Originally planned to be filmed in color but that was dropped. Some say it was because of the high costs of color film and cameras. Others say that the Karloff monster makeup, grey-green greasepaint worked for black and white lighting and filming, but looked ridiculous in color. There are surviving home movies made during the filming of Son, showing Karloff in his makeup and vest. You can decide if the right decision was made.


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Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur picture

Trivia: Casper the Caveman is a caricature of the American comedian Jack Benny.

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