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Sex and the City

Carrie is the only main character who never appears nude (she is either dressed or covered by something). Sarah Jessica Parker had a strict "no nudity" clause in her contract.

Cynthia Nixon, who plays redhead Miranda Hobbes, is a natural blonde. She had to dye her hair for the role.

After the first season, the producers hated having to refer to phone numbers by tv and movie standards (beginning with 555) that they purchased two real phone numbers to use throughout the rest of the series.

The good fight - S4-E13

The entire closet scene is the longest scene that has ever played on the show, in terms of real time. During every single take, the actors played it from the beginning all the way through to the end.

All or nothing - S3-E10

This scene was actually filmed at Bergdorf Goodman. And the plates they are holding, are actually the price mentioned in the show.

Change of a dress - S4-E15

The tap dance instructor is actually Andre De Shields, a foremost tap dancer & performer on Broadway.

Let there be light - S6-E13

When Charlotte and Anthony are walking in the park, all of the leaves getting blown on them are not natural. Jimmy the Prop Man was walking in front of them, and just throwing the leaves at them.

To market, to market - S6-E1

Concerning the entire Wall Street/Stock Market scenes; Sex And The City was the very first production to film in the New York Stock Exchange since the movie Wall Street. They filmed these scenes at the actual NYSE. Because it was after 9-11, every piece of camera equipment, prop, costume, etc. had to be sniffed by bomb-sniffing dogs. This was the very first non-official event that was let into the Stock Market after 9-11. Every extra that you can see on the Stock Market floor was an actual trader. Also, Sex And The City got to open the real Stock Market, on the day the show premiered.

Running with scissors - S3-E11

Whenever we see the 'sandwich guy', his voice is actually that of Michael Patrick King.

I heart ny - S4-E18

The painting being shown in this scene, is actually the real Monet's Water Lilies. It was also filmed in the real Museum Of Modern Art.

I heart ny - S4-E18

In this scene with Miranda giving birth, the doctor shown is a real MD. They wanted to use a real doctor who knew how to handle a baby.

To market, to market - S6-E1

The 'New York Style' tag hanging on Carrie's lampshade, is actually from the fashion show where she was a model, and fell on the runway.

An american girl in paris (part deux) - S6-E20

Carrie is carrying a small bunch of violets in this Parisian montage. What is interesting is that in France, traditionally, violets are the flowers that the husband gives his wife when he has disappointed her, or they have had a fight. Symbolically, the violets that Carrie bought for herself represent that she is continually disappointed by Aleksandr.

Let there be light - S6-E13

A lot of the artwork seen in Aleksandr's home set really belonged to Mikhail Baryshnikov from his own home. He told Sex And The City 'Let's make it authentic, come and get my artwork'.

Easy come, easy go - S3-E9

When Trey and Charlotte are viewed through the Tiffany window, it isn't the actual window. Tiffany would not allow cameras to film inside their store, so the show built a fake Tiffany window. But Tiffany sent their dressers to dress the window, to make it appear authentic to the real thing.

Anchors away - S5-E1

During this scene, Carrie states to the other girls, "If you want to do your patriotic duty as New York women, you will come shopping with me right now and throw some much needed money Downtown". According to the commentary, this is possibly the only direct reference to New York City and 9-11 in the entire episode. Downtown NYC was very hurt by the World Trade Towers disaster, and the show thought that Carrie's character would be doing her part, which includes shopping.

The good fight - S4-E13

Carrie has just left her apartment and is walking down her street, which is empty. They did not close off traffic to film; it just happened to be a quiet New York City day with no traffic.

Boy, interrupted - S6-E10

During the prom scenes, almost every single one of the extras were actually at the original Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Prom. They all came back dressed, to film the scenes.

Let there be light - S6-E13

During the scenes in the department store, they were filming at the real Barneys. Also, the blindfold that Charlotte is wearing is from Burberry. The show asked if they had Burberry blindfolds, and they didn't make them at that time. But they then tailor-made a Burberry blindfold, just for Charlotte to use in these scenes.

What goes around comes around - S3-E17

When Carrie and Samantha are walking to the party, they stop when they find out it's actually located at a college dorm. The name of the dorm is shown as 'Coulter Hall'. This is an homage to Allen Coulter, the director of this episode.

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Samantha: There isn't enough wall space in New York City to hang all of my exes. Let me tell you, a lot of them were hung.



When Charlotte approaches Wyle in front of the fire hydrant, the boom mic is visible at the top of the screen.