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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Continuity mistake: During the shot where Mikaela runs into the lamp post, both the Pretender and the front bumper slide under the car as she backs up and drives forward again. Seconds later, as the camera angle changes and they drive away, the front bumper is re-attached with only a dent where it hit the post.

Continuity mistake: When the Jordanian helicopters are on approach, there are painted with a desert camo. The one that is shot down first and lands next to the soldiers is all of a sudden black.

Continuity mistake: When Optimus jumps in the factory, during the overhead shot, Megatron also starts a flip. But Optimus nearly hits the ground at the end of that shot, while Megatron is only half-way through. Yet in the following shot, they both land at the same time.

Continuity mistake: When Jetfire says ''A living Prime! I don't believe it!'', he is leaning on a blue wall. When The fallen arrives moments later to steal the Matrix, Jetfire is nowhere near the wall, while at the rate he is crawling, it would take some considerable time to cover any distance.

Continuity mistake: When Optimus transforms at the NEST headquarters, Galloway, Epps and a third soldier are watching that form the ground. But when Epps says: "Gotta wonder. if God made us in his image. who made him?", the third soldier, who was standing behind Galloway and Epps instantly disappears.

Revealing mistake: When the battle between Optimus and Megatron first begins, Optimus pulls a dead tree out of the ground, without branches and needles but still standing upright in its basic conical shape, and uses it to beat Megatron. The latter one deflects the attack by pushing it into another tree, the one where Sam in covering behind. When it hits that particular tree, you can see that the end of the tree is perfectly straight, as if it was cut by a saw rather than pulled out of the ground.

Continuity mistake: When Optimus is shot in the battle in the forest, he loses one of the chrome bumpers on his chest, and the other one is heavily damaged. The latter one is attached to HIS right side. But in the shot where he says: ''Sam. run.'', the bumper is attached to the left side of his chest.

Continuity mistake: Optimus knocks over Megatron, and collides with the Fallen, knocking him off of the pyramid. But in the next shot where Optimus blows up the machine with a single shot, the Fallen is nowhere to be seen, and in the shot directly afterwards, he is right below Optimus.

Revealing mistake: After Galloway says: ''You just signed the death warrant on your career major'', we get an exterior shot of the C17 banking sharp to the right, at an angle of nearly 60 degrees. But in the following shot on the inside of the plane, everyone is still standing, and Lennox and Galloway haven't even moved.

Factual error: When Optimus is killed, the fight takes place in a mountainous forest with that was filled with extremely tall trees not indigenous to NJ, much less any surrounding state of the area portrayed in that scene.

Factual error: Aside from the lack of an Air Force base in NJ that looks anything like the one portrayed in the film, there are no mountains anywhere closely resembling the ones seen in the distance by the base.

Audio problem: We get a shot of a Predator drone taking off, and it is driven by a propeller. However, it makes the sound of a plane with a jet engine.

Continuity mistake: Optimus Prime kills Grindor by ripping it's face apart, after which Grindor falls over. But when Megatron kills Optimus, Grindor is gone. A huge robot like that would most definitley be seen in the wide shot with Megatron and Prime.

Revealing mistake: The shot which shows Optimus Prime getting back up after he is being revived by Sam is used twice, only the second time it has been flipped.

Revealing mistake: The same shot which shows the sun is used several times in this movie - please note the cloud next to it. Two of these shots have Jetfire in it, and three are after that.

Continuity mistake: When Alice and Sam are driving away from the party in Bumblebee after she gets squirted with "fluid", we see that they are driving down a city block. Each subsequent shot out the side windows from inside the car show distant blurry lights - not buildings we should be seeing.

Continuity mistake: When Sam has carved the circle of symbols into the ground, the aircraft behind him casts very different shadows upon the ground right up until everyone vanishes, when the cloud of dust caused by their disappearance appears.

Continuity mistake: When Jetfire tries to leave the James S. McDonnell Space Hangar and says, "I command these doors to open," there is a shot of Sam, Mikaela, Simmons and Leo standing at the tip of what was Jetfire's enclosure bars, looking up, a bit to their right as if Jetfire was directly in front of them. In the next shot Jetfire, who is way down at the end of the hangar, breaks down the door and heads out. Next shot, they're all still looking up in the very same direction, even though they should be looking all the way to their right, straight ahead into the distance.

Continuity mistake: After Jetfire's transformation, when he snipes, "You little spinal-cord-based organisms," he knocks the Mercury capsule and it falls. In the shot facing Jetfire, as it rolls toward Sam and the others, Jetfire is no longer standing within his enclosure, he is actually to the left of it. However, in the next shot as the Mercury capsule rolls toward Sam, the teenager is standing directly in front of the enclosure's bars.

Continuity mistake: Just after Jetfire's transformation, when he shouts, "Answer me, pawns and knaves!" he pushes the yellow Naval sea-plane (44), which hangs from the ceiling, out of the way. First problem is that we see it breaking apart and hear it crashing, yet we don't see any pieces anywhere in following shots. Second, when Wheelie mentions that Jetfire hasn't aged well, that sea-plane is back up where it was.

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Megatron: Is the future of our race not worth a single human life?
Optimus Prime: You'll never stop at one... I'll take you all on!



Shia LaBeouf's hand was seriously injured during a car accident. LaBeouf returned to filming, and the injury was written into the film as Sam damaging his hand falling out of the space bridge.