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Super Grover

New this week Other mistake: When ET launches all the bicycles into the air, first there's a closeup of Michael, then in the next closeup of Steve as they climb higher he leans back with his arms outstretched, as if he's balancing himself on his bike, and we see Steve's right hand making a fist pretending to grip his handlebar, though he's not actually gripping anything at all, it's an empty fist. (This shot has nothing to do with CGI disappearing issues).

New this week Continuity mistake: When Elliott gets food for himself and ET he takes the milk container from the top shelf of the fridge, and we see an empty space beside the Skippy peanut butter where the milk had been, but after Elliott drops everything onto the floor, in his next two closeups note the milk container (it has a distinctive curved design) is back on the shelf in the same spot beside the Skippy jar.

New this week Continuity mistake: When Elliott finds ET hiding behind the stuffed animals in his closet, Elliott's holding two plates in his hands while balancing two cans of Coke on his forearms, then one of the cans falls over onto the plate, but in the next shot we can see that can under the plate and it's upright.

New this week Continuity mistake: When Elliott slices his finger on the Kromedge saw blade, it's the index finger of his left hand, but in the closeups of his finger he's actually holding up the index finger of his right hand.

New this week Continuity mistake: After Elliott finds ET all dressed up courtesy of Gertie, when ET heads into Elliott's bedroom the large oval striped rug has its center under Elliott's bunk-bed, but when they're all in Elliott's room that rug is pulled out (which can't easily happen due to the weight of the bunk-bed) and now covers much more of the floor area, between the bunk-bed and closet.

New this week Visible crew/equipment: When Michael and Elliott bring ghost ET downstairs Mary walks over to the trio with the Polaroid camera, and when she kneels down the actor's tape mark can be seen on the carpet, presumably where Mary had stood when she stopped to scream.

New this week Continuity mistake: When Elliott is kneeling near the bathtub explaining to ET where the faucet water comes from, there's a can of Coke beside him, and in the wideshot it's the "Coca Cola" logo facing out, but in Elliott's closeup it's the "Coke" logo facing out.

New this week Continuity mistake: While ET is lying on the bathroom floor there's a pink and burgundy striped bath rug beside him, and in some shots the burgundy edge is beside him, but in other shots the rug is turned around and positioned the opposite way with the pink edge beside ET. Additionally, the proximity of the rug to ET keeps changing during the scene. (This rug can also be seen during an earlier scene with Elliott and ET in the bathroom).

New this week Visible crew/equipment: When one of the government cars drives alongside the boys on their bikes as they're nearing the bottom of the hill, in the closeup of the car the reflection of a crew member wearing a cap can be seen on the back passenger window, just as the driver speaks into his radio mic and says, "We got 'em," at the start of the shot.

New this week Other mistake: While ET is pulling the blanket loaded down with small appliances, etc., the TV is playing "Francis Goes to the Races" and when the film's Peter and Frances walk into the stall we hear Frances (the woman, not the mule Francis) say, "Grandpa, what's wrong?" but the subtitles on the DVD (2002 version) read, "Stanford, what's wrong?" and the subtitles on Netflix (1982 version) read, "Francis, what's wrong?" Additionally, when ET pulls the blanket behind the TV, on the TV screen we see Frances join her grandfather and we hear their dialogue, but in the next shot as ET stumbles out from behind the TV very drunk, even though we hear the TV's continued dialogue, what we actually see on the TV screen is a repeat of Frances joining her grandfather again, and then it jumps to the scene of Peter in the stall with Francis.

New this week Visible crew/equipment: Near the start, while the agents are chasing ET, after the last closeup of the jangling keys it cuts to a shot of ET moving fast through the forest and the equipment used to help him move can be seen. This is only visible in the original 1982 version, because ET has been digitally altered in the 2002 version.

New this week Continuity mistake: When Michael drives the van onto the playground and stops, in the shot from behind the three boys on their bikes Greg turns his head to look down at Harvey, who's sitting between Greg and Steve, but in the next shot facing the boys Harvey has vanished.

New this week Continuity mistake: When the boys are riding their bikes trying to escape with ET, all the bikes have single brake levers on the right side of their handlebars, but after Elliott shouts that they should follow him to the forest, there's a shot from the POV of one of the bike riders and he has two brake levers on his handlebar.

New this week Deliberate mistake: When Elliott and ET are on the bike heading to the forest on Halloween night, ET is covered with the white sheet, but in the closeup of ET's face right before the bike flies he's covered with the white blanket (note the material), which is from the scene later in the movie.

New this week Continuity mistake: When Mary sees ET lying on the floor in the bathroom, in the closeups of Gertie there's a white fringed hand towel hanging on the rod behind her, but in the wideshots that towel isn't on the rod though we see a small white towel lying on the counter when Michael picks her up. Then in the following shots of ET the white fringed hand towel is hanging at the end of the rod, but then it vanishes.

New this week Other mistake: In all the shots of ET wearing the white sheet the two eye holes are about a foot apart, so he could see out of the holes properly, but when Michael finds the white sheet ET had been wearing he lifts the material and we see that the two eye holes are only about two inches apart, which makes no sense. (It was Gertie's sheet which had eye holes that close together).

New this week Continuity mistake: When Elliott finds ET dressed up and wearing a wig both sides of Elliott's closet doors are open, but after ET hands Elliott the newspaper comics section ET goes over to the closet and only one side is open. Additionally, note the deliberate absence of Elliott's lounge chair which should be right beside the closet door.

New this week Continuity mistake: While Mary is reading Peter Pan to Gertie, when Elliott shows ET the box with everything he collected from the garage, the front of the Kromedge blade faces Elliott, note the writing and the direction of the blade's teeth pointing to Elliott's right, but in the next closeup the blade faces the opposite way.

New this week Continuity mistake: While ET is watching Mary read the story of Peter Pan to Gertie, in the shot from outside the closet we see Elliott using his left hand to close the shutter slats, but in the next shot inside the closet it is Elliott's right hand closing the slats.

New this week Continuity mistake: When Gertie rushes into Elliott's bedroom with the drawing she made for him, just as she sees ET and begins to scream the paper is in her left hand and her right hand is empty, but in the next shot the paper is suddenly in her right hand.