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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World

New this month Continuity mistake: In the scene on the Dutchman where Bootstrap runs through the Admiral, he stabs him from front to back, but when it shows the Admiral lying on the deck he is run through from back to front.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World

Continuity mistake: On the small sand spit, when Jack, Elizabeth and Barbossa meet with Will, Beckett, and Davy Jones, the leather cuff Jack wears on his right hand actually disappears and reappears twice during the meeting.

Continuity mistake: At the front door of Sao Feng's, after Elizabeth removes her hat, it cuts to the removal of her decorative vest (totally skipping her jacket), revealing her weapons' holster harness underneath, and she then tosses her vest at Sao Feng's man. Problem is the man doesn't catch her vest, he actually catches her empty weapons' holster harness. But, in the next few shots she's still wearing that holster harness, as she removes her lovely weapons.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World

Continuity mistake: When Beckett boards the Dutchman and speaks to Jones, he has very noticeable dark facial stubble, but bizarrely, in his next close-up he is actually clean shaven, his wig curl has shrunk and his eyebrow hair is neater.

Continuity mistake: The cord necklace Will wears, which has several things dangling from it - particularly a distinctive white shell, flips round the opposite way between shots within a scene, several times during the film. For example, before and after the maelstrom, including the ceremony Barbossa performs.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World

Revealing mistake: After the military attack Sao Feng's residence, when Elizabeth is seen fighting amid the melee the black spandex-like shorts are visible under her robe as she kicks up.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World

Continuity mistake: The worn areas of Jack's leather hat drastically changes throughout the film. Additionally, the hat has a threaded 'X' on both its right and left side. In numerous close-ups extra thread holes are visible in different areas near each of these Xs; such as in the Locker, when Jack lies on the ground as the Pearl passes by and later, on the little island, before Jack switches places with Will. In other shots those extra holes are gone, such as when Jack sets sail for the Fountain of Youth. The actual sizes of the Xs also change.

Continuity mistake: After Will escapes the brig aboard the Pearl, as he stands on deck with Jack, the rope wound round the dead soldier lying atop the barrel differs depending on camera angle.

Continuity mistake: During the mass hanging, in the close-up of the boy's fingers fiddling with the coin he has clean hands and long untrimmed nails, but in the wideshot the boy's hands are filthy and his fingernails are bitten short.

Continuity mistake: When Will walks toward the shoreline, Elizabeth runs to join him and both leave tracks in the sand. When Elizabeth is alone, as the Dutchman disappears, the trail in the sand distinctly differs - not do to water or wind.

Continuity mistake: When Barbossa is talking to Calypso on the Black Pearl, right after he says, "Masters Pintel and Ragetti, take this fishwife to the brig," there is a shot of Pintel and Ragetti leading her down the deck's steps. The Black Pearl is pitching strongly up and down. In the next shot, where Barbossa looks at and flexes his hand, the ship is barely pitching at all.

Continuity mistake: When Barbossa and Elizabeth go to meet Sao Feng, she is asked to get rid of all her weapons. When she places the homemade grenade on the table, it gets placed on the edge of a red cloth where you can see the table at the end of the cloth, yet when she places her final weapon, the red cloth is now almost completely covering the table.

Continuity mistake: When Will is at Sao Feng's, the rope binding his wrists differs depending on camera angle.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World

Continuity mistake: When Jack begins to speak to Captain Teague, Teague's left hand is under the guitar frets, but in the shot facing Jack that hand rests atop the guitar, then when Teague says, "It's not just about living forever, Jackie," his left hand is under the frets again.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World

Continuity mistake: Aboard the Dutchman, when Jones's crew shout, "The Admiral's dead," Norrington's black scabbard lies conspicuously at his right side, but when he stabs Jones the scabbard is gone.

Continuity mistake: Aboard the Dutchman, when the shot pans towards Jones as he plays the organ, the silver musical box's point faces left, but in the next close-up it faces right.

Continuity mistake: When Jack is on the Black Pearl in Davy Jones' Locker, the are scratches on his right hand. But a few minutes later when Barbossa leads the crew to Jack's rescue, the scratches are gone.

Other mistake: Near the end of the movie, an order is given to fire a cannon shot at the masts of the Pearl and the Dutchman as they have become entangled. We then see a mast being destroyed by the shot but when the ships separate, not one of them has a broken mast.

Continuity mistake: The size of Beckett's wig curls change between consecutive shots of different angles, such as when he boards the Dutchman and speaks to Jones.

Visible crew/equipment: The reflector screens are reflected in many of the characters' eyes in close-ups. One example is when Will says, "Depends on the one day," aboard the Dutchman.

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Jack Sparrow: I have no sympathy for any of you feculent maggots and no more patience to pretend otherwise. Gentlemen, I wash my hand of this weirdness.



In the scene where Keith Richards is looking up the rule in the pirate code book, the skull ring on his finger is not a prop, he has been wearing it for about 25 years.