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16th Dec 2011

The Last Samurai (2003)

Revealing mistake: During the melee in the final battle, towards the end, Algren looks around, seeing the death around him (much of this is in slow motion). In one of the shots focusing on Algren, behind him, on the left side of the screen, you can see an army soldier using his rifle to fight in close quarters. As he brings his rifle up, it noticeably flexes, indicating that it's a stunt-friendly rubber prop, rather than metal and wood.

9th Mar 2011

Doctor Who (2005)

The Eleventh Hour - S5-E1

Factual error: When the Doctor spots Rory taking a photo of Prisoner Zero, we're shown a brief close-up of Rory's hospital identity badge. The date of issue is given as "30/11/1990". The main body of the episode is set in 2008, two years before Rory and Amy's wedding in 2010. It's further established in the episode that Rory and Amy played together as children after her first meeting with the Doctor in 1996, with Rory observing that Amy made him dress up as the Raggedy Doctor. Rory could not possibly have worked for the hospital for eighteen years at the time of the episode.

Visible crew/equipment: During the Harvester attack on the petrol station, the Harvester uses its cannon on a fleeing car, blowing it up into the air. During the shot of the remains of the car spinning through the air, the cylinder of the special effects cannon used to fire the car into the air is visible protruding from the centre of the vehicle.

Revealing mistake: When the stag party are at the National Gallery, there are two shots of Carl, Simon and Gavin standing on a wide area of pavement immediately in front of the Gallery. That area was a road until the redevelopment of Trafalgar Square in 2003.

13th Oct 2009

The Last Samurai (2003)

Continuity mistake: During the climactic horseback charge, Algren is shown holding his sword with the blade pointing upwards. There is, however, one shot, immediately before Colonel Bagley shouts "Aim", where, despite Algren's hand being visibly in the same orientation (so he's not twirling the sword), the blade is pointing downwards. Immediately after Bagley shouts "Aim", another shot of Algren shows the sword back in the upwards position.

The Boat That Rocked mistake picture

Factual error: In the shot of the front of the National Gallery as the disc jockeys walk down the stairs towards the camera, modern-day surveillance cameras are visible on curved poles to the left and right of the main frontage.

Visible crew/equipment: After escaping from Megatron, Sam and company go to a deserted junkyard. When Sam is leaning on the hood and Bumblebee drives forward and flashes his lights, a crew man can be seen in the driver's seat. This has been repeatedly corrected, wrongly, by the excuse that a few Transformers have been seen to create holographic drivers or pilots. This is not inaccurate, but cannot be plausibly applied to this case. (1) Bumblebee has never been seen to do this; in fact, no car-form Autobot has been shown to possess this ability, even in situations where it would seem sensible to do so. (2) There is nobody present who is unaware of Bumblebee's true nature, therefore he would have no reason to suddenly project one. (3) In the shots either side of this, no hologram is present. For the corrections to apply, we would have to accept that Bumblebee, for a matter of a few seconds, chose to display an ability that he's never shown to possess at any other time, in a situation where he has no reason to do so. Clearly this is not a supportable argument. This is a visible crew member and a valid mistake.

26th Jun 2009

Transformers (2007)

Factual error: When briefing the Secretary of Defence, Banacheck refers to NASA/JPL having lost the Beagle 2 probe on Mars. Beagle 2 was part of the European Space Agency Mars Express mission. NASA/JPL were not involved. Beagle 2 was also not a rover-type mission, as portrayed in the film, but a static scientific lander.

20th Jun 2009

Top Gear (2002)

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the final show of season twelve, the Vietnam Challenge, when Jeremy Clarkson borrows James May's bike to try to pass his practical driving test, throughout the test, it can be seen that May's "Darcey Bussell" statue is not on the bike. He then conversed with May and Richard Hammond, still seated astride the bike and "Darcey" is still not present. As Clarkson gets off the bike and lets it drop, still in mid-conversation with no breaks, the statue is suddenly strapped tightly onto the luggage rack, just in time to break on impact.

28th May 2009

Band of Brothers (2001)

Currahee - S1-E1

Factual error: David Webster is shown to be training as part of Easy Company and is present among their number when Lt Meehan informs them that the invasion has been postponed. Webster actually trained with Fox Company and made the jump into Normandy as a member of the Battalion Headquarters Company. He transferred to Easy Company after D-Day.

Replacements - S1-E4

Other mistake: When Heffron is taking his throw at darts, he states that he needs a "double seven". When he takes the throw, the dart goes into the treble eight (an earlier close-up confirms that the board has the standard Gamlin configuration), yet, from the reaction he gets, he's made the throw he was going for.

Factual error: Many of the songs featured in the film, almost all of which are portrayed as being singles actually being played by the disc jockeys, came out after the 1966 setting of the film, including Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale" (June 1967), Tommy James and the Shondells' "Crimson and Clover" (November 1968), The Who's "I Can See For Miles" (October 1967), Jimi Hendrix's "The Wind Cried Mary" (May 1967), the Turtles' "Elenore" (November 1968) and Herb Alpert's "This Guy's in Love with You" (April 1968) among several others.

Due to a local superstition on the Isle of Portland in England that states that rabbits are bad luck and that even saying the word 'rabbit' can lead to poor fortune, special posters were created to advertise the film there with the title altered to "The Curse of the Were-Bunny"

2nd Apr 2009

Chuck (2007)

Chuck Versus the Broken Heart - S2-E18

Plot hole: Casey needs to get Devon's hospital keycard in order to get into the secure holding area to plant the listening device into the pacemaker before it's implanted into the terrorist. They obtain the key-card by stunning him at his bachelor party and see Casey using it to access the storage facility, backed up by Chuck and Agent Forrest. We then see the terrorists scanning their leader and detecting the implanted bug - Devon is listed as the surgeon. Immediately after this, we cut to Devon waking up from his bachelor party with his keycard missing. None of the three agents involved in planting the bug could possibly have handled the operation, no other agents are mentioned as being present and, as the break-in occurred during the daytime, the staff of the busy hospital would have noticed had an unknown surgical team suddenly taking over one of their operating theatres. So Devon apparently got into the hospital with no key and did the operation while completely unconscious.

11th Dec 2008

Apollo 13 (1995)

In an interview, Ron Howard revealed that, after a test screening, he was concerned about an audience reaction card that rated the film as "terrible" until he read a comment on the card dismissing the ending as "more Hollywood b*llsh*t", saying that had it happened in real life, the astronauts "would never have survived".

20th Nov 2008

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Revealing mistake: When Nicholas and Danny discover the firearms collection and the sea mine at Webley's farm, they end up running from the barn along with PC Walker (and Saxon) who run to the right of screen, and Webley himself, who runs to the left of screen. Immediately after Webley disappears off-screen to the left, his shotgun barrel swings back into shot. The barrel then drops out of sight behind a low grey structure only a few metres from the door of the barn containing the sea mine, putting Webley on the side of the structure facing the barn. Presumably done to allow the 65-year-old David Bradley, playing Webley, to run only a short distance.

27th Sep 2008

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Revealing mistake: Director's Cut Only: After Godfrey's party has been attacked in the woods, a surviving noble is executed by the sergeant. We see his axe strike from behind, then the shot cuts to show the face of the noble as the sergeant pulls the axe out and off-camera. As the noble slumps forwards, the axe reappears in frame from below and it can be seen that the axe has no forward point, allowing it to be placed against the head of the actor playing the noble as if embedded.

16th Jul 2008

Eureka (2006)

Primal - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: Series 1, Episode 9: Primal. As Carter and Taggart are crawling through the access tunnel, the torch attached to the side of Taggart's goggles is pointing downwards, below his line of vision as established by the lenses on the front. As the shot changes to a close-up on Taggart, the torch is now pointing forwards, aligned with the lenses.

16th Jul 2008

Top Gear (2002)

Series 11 Episode 1 - S11-E1

Continuity mistake: During the police car challenge, Richard Hammond is taking his homemade police car around the track on a timed lap (with extra points for flamboyant driving). As he rounds the Hammerhead corner, the makeshift stinger (that's a spike strip for the colonials) on the front of his car breaks off and is left behind. He then drives through a stack of boxes, getting one caught on the remains of the stinger mounting. As he approaches the second-to-last corner, the box has gone and the stinger is now back on the front of the car. In the final shot as his car limps across the finish line, the stinger is once again missing and the box has returned. Clearly footage from a different lap was substituted in.

27th Jun 2008

Dexter (2006)

Dexter mistake picture

Show generally

Other mistake: Series 1, Episode 2: "Crocodile". When Dexter is running Matt Chambers' fingerprint though his computer, he brings up four newspaper articles where the names Matt Brewster and Matt Rasmussen are used. In the final article, the headline reads "Matt Rasmussen of South Boston arrested", but the body of the article uses the name Matt Brewster exclusively. Other than the first few words, the text of the final article is identical to that of the previous one.

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