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New this week Continuity mistake: After Hooper enters the shark cage, Brody takes Hooper's eyeglasses and places the left earpiece in his mouth, but when Hooper tells them to try and keep the shark off him till he's lowered, it's the right earpiece that's in Brody's mouth.

New this week Factual error: When Brody and Hooper try to hook the lines at the back of the Orca the barrels are stationery and just floating on the surface. Sharks are constantly moving, so the barrels would be moving in some way.

New this month Visible crew/equipment: After Brody buys the sign supplies, when Hendricks shows up Brody places the the box in the front seat, and as Hendricks tells Brody about the Boy Scouts, pay attention to the left window across the street, where we can see one of the local residents holding a camera and looking out the window facing the location shoot, taking pictures of the actors and film crew.

New this month Visible crew/equipment: When the man is in front of Brody talking to him on the beach the film crew are reflected in Brody's glasses.

New this month Continuity mistake: When Brody is throwing chum in water and Quint is in the chair they show him wearing no socks and old tennis shoes. After Brody falls and then sets a new chum marker Quint has brown socks on and loafer type shoes.

New this month Revealing mistake: When the boy is attacked at the beach a man says "did you see that?" The woman behind him wearing the hat sits up with everyone else then looks directly at the camera and smiles instead of looking at the attack.

New this month Continuity mistake: When Brody fills out the report on the girl found on the beach he has an orange towel on his right shoulder. It is still there under his jacket when he walks down the road. When it switches to the front shot it's gone.

Continuity mistake: When Hooper gets his gear from below, after the explosion in the engine room, he runs to the deck passing Quint using the fire extinguisher. The camera pans from Brody, who stands on the bridge deck, to Hooper right below him. So where exactly is the tall iron ladder that leads up to the bridge deck in this shot? It should be behind Hooper, in front of the window, but it's gone. Don't fret, it's back in the following shots.

Revealing mistake: When the shark bursts through the window of the cabin, in each of the shots facing Brody, including when he shoves the air tank into the shark's mouth, the glistening water is visible in the window's reflection behind Brody. The shark's reflection is never seen behind Brody, despite the shark's massive size in the small cabin. Bruce must have had the day off during Roy Scheider's takes.

Jaws mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the fishermen start out on the hunt, Ben Gardner appears in a close-up leaning on the windshield at forward deck, while talking about how stupid some of the others are. In the next wide shot of the boats, Ben's green boat is towards the left of the screen, and the large reflector screen and camera, that are mounted to the bow of his boat, are visible in front of the forward window where Ben is seen in the previous shot.

Jaws mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Orca's ID number normally reads MS 15 LF on both her port and starboard side at the bow. However, after Quint shouts, "Hooper, you idiot. Aint you watchin it?" Orca's ID number reads M 15 L at starboard side and 15 LF at port.

Jaws mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Quint embeds his machete into the wood at the side of the boat, but in the following wideshot the machete is gone. Then as Orca starts to move, when Hooper says, "He's chasing us, I don't believe it," the machete is back. But when the shark leaps onto the boat the machete is gone again, and then as the shark devours Quint the machete is back for him to grab, so he can valiantly stab the shark.

Jaws mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the scene just after the fake shark scare, the real shark shows up at the pond area of the beach. As the lifeguard in a small boat reacts to everyone's panic, the shark tips over the boat then appears underneath him to tear his leg off. We watch as it sinks slowly to the bottom. You can plainly see that the lifeguard is barefoot in the boat. The severed leg has a tennis shoe on.

Continuity mistake: When Chief Brody is standing on the boat, almost ankle deep in water, he throws down the pump and is about to climb up the ladder. In the next shot, while he is on the ladder, the shark (we presume) hits the boat making it list to the right and the deck is dry.

Revealing mistake: After the shark disappears, with Quint in its mouth, in the next shot facing Brody the door to the cabin closes. The wire attached to the door, leading offscreen to the right, is clearly visible.

Revealing mistake: In the scene in which the two men are fishing for the shark with the roast and inner tube, watch the amount of chain that is pulled off of the pier. Not only do numerous feet of chain go out but there are already many feet in the water connected to the tube. When the pier gets pulled into the water and the shark makes the turn to chase after Charlie, watch how close the pier is to him. With the amount of chain that was let out, the shark would have been well past Charlie and the shark probably would've beached itself.

Jaws mistake picture

Revealing mistake: While Quint is in the shark's mouth, the comfy white cushion is visible under his back, protruding from the shark's mouth.

Continuity mistake: When the shark bursts into Orca's cabin and tries to attack Brody, in the shots facing the shark, at the right of the screen is the forward window. The previously shattered glass (from the yellow barrel) is now perfectly intact within the window frame, and the large wood cabinet below that window is gone. The glass is shattered once again, when Brody climbs out of the cabin, through the window beside it.

Jaws mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The number of barrels on the deck of the Orca changes from shot to shot, during the final scenes at sea.

Jaws mistake picture

Continuity mistake: On the death certificate for Chrissie, the shark's first victim, the date of death is July 1st. But later, on the reward paper posted by the boy's mother, it says that the date of Alex's death was June 29th. Alex died after Chrissie, not before.

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Chief Martin Brody: Smile, you son of a bitch.



The reporter on the beach is Peter Benchley, who wrote the novel "Jaws," and also co-wrote the film's screenplay.