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Finding Neverland

Visible crew/equipment: When Sylvia and Barrie go inside the house after the children's fight, the camera crew is reflected on the window.

Dr Wilson

Factual error: In the cricket match, a number of things happen that are highly questionable. When the player is bowled, the bowler appeals, something that is only done if the umpire's opinion is required, which in this case it isn't. Even after the appeal, the umpire shakes his head, which in cricket, indicates that the batsman is not out. Only a raised finger or perhaps a nod would be out. To the uninitiated, the equivalent in baseball would be for the umpire to call "ball" and have the batsman walk off the ground as though he had struck out, instead of taking first base.

Continuity mistake: When Barrie is talking to Peter in the park, just after Peter says that Porthos is just a dog, the arrangement of the toys behind Peter changes several times.

Finding Neverland mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When James and the kids are going down the dirt road in his car, the road is muddy and wet. When the camera pulls away for a birds-eye-view, the road is suddenly dry.

Continuity mistake: When JM Barrie is sitting on the bench in the park talking to Peter, his hair changes between shots. In some shots it is totally behind his ear and in others it is casually in his face.

Finding Neverland mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As Barrie (Depp) and Frohman (Hoffman) are sitting in the theatre shortly after Barrie seeing all the sets being removed from the theatre, there are a number of guys removing what look like set doors. The first two guys that walk behind Barrie make a large distance between seeing them and walking down the hall. A few seconds later two more guys just walk past the back of Barrie and in the very next shot they have disappeared.


Continuity mistake: When Michael runs away to get the kite up in the air, his shadow doesn't match that of James in several shots.



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