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Charles Austin Miller

12th May 2017

Sin City (2005)

New this month Plot hole: At the end, Hartigan races out to the Roark Farm to save Nancy, where he takes out two guards quietly, with a switchblade knife. As he dispatches the second guard, we see the ruthless cannibal killer Kevin just yards away, inside the house, reading. Hartigan then makes a blunder, starts rushing, and he is shot by a third guard. Hartigan kills the third and a fourth guard with two handgun shots. Obvious question: With three gunshots in rapid succession just outside the remote house, why didn't the hyper-alert and agile Kevin come out and rip Hartigan to shreds? No, the generic contention that "Kevin wasn't concerned with Roark's son" is not an answer. When Marv infiltrated and attacked the Roark compound (twice), Kevin immediately engaged Marv. In both instances, Kevin responded to attacks on the compound without even knowing who was attacking. But Kevin completely ignores Hartigan's attack, which seems like a plot hole.

11th May 2017

Animal House (1978)

New this month Trivia: On a budget of only $3 million, the producers offered actor Donald Sutherland a choice of $35,000 cash for 2 days work or 2% of the film's box office gross. Because nobody in the cast or crew believed that "Animal House" would be a hit, Sutherland opted for the $35,000 cash. As it happened, the $3 million comedy went on to gross over $141 million at the box office. Meaning that Sutherland would've made $2.8 million if he had chosen 2% of the gross.

11th May 2017

The Walk (2015)

New this month Continuity mistake: When Joseph Gorden-Levitt is performing his street act in Paris, somebody drops a jaw-breaker candy into his hat instead of money. He removes the jaw-breaker, performs some sleight-of-hand with it for the entertainment of the crowd, then deftly drop-kicks the candy into his mouth and bites down on it hard on the right side. It breaks his tooth and he immediately goes to the dentist; but he is clutching the left side of his face, instead of the right side.

11th May 2017

Jaws (1975)

New this month Trivia: The marine biologist, Hooper, was an unlikeable character in Peter Benchley's novel. In the book, Hooper had an affair with Chief Brody's wife, and Hooper was appropriately eaten alive by the Great White at the end. Steven Spielberg wanted to preserve Hooper for sequels, so he was spared from death in the first movie. As it happened, Spielberg and Richard Dreyfuss became involved in Close Encounters of the Third Kind and they both backed out of the Jaws sequel.

11th May 2017

Jaws (1975)

Question: Here's a question that's never been asked. After Captain Quint addresses the Amity city council, he bids them good day and leaves, and a little guy and a dog obediently follow Quint down the hall. Who was that little guy, Quint's first mate? For a split-second, we also see this little guy's cap pass before the camera inside Quint's dock-front quarters. Who was this guy? We don't know, because that little guy is never seen again after that scene.

New this month Answer: The man is just a local resident who attended the town hall meeting. He probably wanted to leave but felt uncomfortable exiting before the meeting was over. Quint's departure provided an opportunity for this guy to do likewise without feeling self-conscious.


Question: At the end, to whom does Lex Luthor refer when he tells Batman, "He is coming for us, and he is hungry"? Does this suggest that Luthor used Kryptonian technology to send a message into space, alerting someone or something? But who?

New this month Answer: Presumably it is Steppenwolf, who will be the main villain in "Justice League." It could also be Steppenwolf's nephew, Darkseid.

Serious B

8th May 2017

American Gods (2017)

New this month Trivia: Its teaser trailers are, for the most part, out-take footage that doesn't actually appear in the episodes. For example, in the scene in which ShadowMoon and Mr. Wednesday first meet aboard the airliner, the teaser trailer uses completely different camera shots and different performances from the actors. In the actual episode, the camera shots and performances for the same scene are noticeably different.

Question: As I always understood Ant-Man, he always retained the same mass, regardless of his physical size. When he reduces his size, he still retains about 160 lbs of mass, which makes him more formidable, like a 160 lb grain of sand. When he enlarges, even to gigantic size, he is still only 160 lbs, right? So, how can he kick vehicles around in the airport scene?

New this month Answer: It was said that when he reduced in size, he'd keep his mass. But nothing was said about when he became gigantic. It was a theory he had & was able to pull it off. So, for all we know, his mass increased also when he became larger in size.

New this month Trivia: In Michael Crichton's original novel, John Hammond was a rather unlikeable character and was eaten alive by a swarm of Compsognathus dinos near the end. However, Steven Spielberg wanted to make John Hammond a more personable, sympathetic character in the first movie, allowing him to survive into sequel films. Therefore, John Hammond was spared. Nonetheless, the imagery of a person being swarmed and eaten by Compies was irresistible to Spielberg, and so the heavy character Dieter Stark was chosen as deserving victim of the lethal Compy attack in the second movie.

3rd May 2017

Don't Breathe (2016)

Question: At the very beginning of the film, the burglars take care to switch off the home alarm system before ransacking the house. Why, then, as they are leaving, do they turn the system back on and shatter a window to trigger the home alarm? Makes no sense.

New this month Answer: As we see in the film, the houses they burgle have all purchased security systems from Alex's father. This makes it easy for them to gain access to the houses without triggering the alarm. However, if they committed a string of burglaries in which no alarms were triggered, people would eventually put together that customers of the same home security company were being burglarized and would point to them all being inside jobs. By tripping the alarm once they finish, they make it look like a standard break-in.

Serious B

28th Apr 2017

The Transporter (2002)

New this month Trivia: Jason Statham not only performs the majority of his own movie stunts and fight scenes, but he is highly trained in kickboxing and jiu-jitsu and is considered as skilled as most MMA fighters.

28th Apr 2017

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

New this month Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, in the bridge confrontation between Holmes, Blackwood and Irene Adler, Lord Blackwood forces Adler to the edge of a precipitous (and deadly) fall into the Thames. There is even a perspective shot, looking straight down, of her heels teetering on the edge and nothing between her and the river except two sailboats far below. There are obviously no scaffolds or other means of obstructing her fall in this shot. It's a dead drop. Then Blackwood shoves her straight backwards over the edge. But, when Holmes looks over moments later, Irene Adler is safe and sound on a convenient bit of scaffolding that magically appeared just a few feet below.

28th Apr 2017

Split (2016)

New this month Continuity mistake: Late in the film, after The Beast emerges, he partially devours two of the young girls like a ravenous animal; yet, when he catches up to the third girl, Casey, a few moments later, The Beast has no blood on his face, body or hands. Furthermore, when The Beast corners Casey in the cage, he presses his face between the bars, and we see no blood on his face. The camera cuts to Casey then back to The Beast, and now streams of blood are running from his mouth and down his chin. The camera cuts to Casey and back to The Beast once more, and now we see no blood on his face.

New this month Trivia: Indiana Jones could have escaped the rolling ball of rock by simply standing still, because the boulder started out about 15 feet over his head. Even if the boulder ended up blocking the entrance, there are several shafts of sunlight visible throughout the tunnel, indicating several potential points of escape.

24th Apr 2017

Warcraft (2016)

New this month Revealing mistake: In the opening scenes, we see a very pregnant Draka reclining on a bed of animal hides as Durotan watches over her. In the extreme closeup, we see Draka twitch her lips, and her small tusks flex from side-to-side with her lips, instead of remaining firmly aligned with her jaw as they should.

Trivia: Christopher Lambert could barely speak any English when he was chosen for the lead role in this film.

12th Apr 2017

The Fifth Element (1997)

Question: Early in the film, the Mangalore warrior Aknot mutters "Showtime" as he leads the attack on the Mondoshawan transport ship, destroying it. Shortly thereafter, at Zorg's factory, we see Aknot shape-shift between his human disguise and his natural Mangalore appearance. Much later in the film, we see Aknot in his same human disguise again aboard the Fhloston cruise ship, where Aknot again mutters "Showtime" before leading a murderous assault. So we recognize Aknot by his appearance and his mannerisms throughout the film. But wait: Presumably, Zorg killed the Mangalores who failed him (including Aknot) with a powerful explosive booby-trap at his factory, early in the film. So, how did Aknot appear much later aboard the Fhloston cruise ship? (There is no reason to assume that the Mangalores were capable of surviving the powerful blast at Zorg's factory, because we see Mangalores killed by smaller explosions and small firearms throughout the film).

Answer: Aknot wasn't killed, just injured in the explosion - he didn't seem to to be too close to the Mangalore whose weapon exploded. You see him later with several wounds, when he resolves to get the stones from Fhloston to get revenge on Zorg.


6th Apr 2017

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Stupidity: Early in the film, Peter Parker desperately wants to see Mary Jane's performance, but he is turned away at the theatre doors because he is a few minutes late. Defeated, Peter shuffles away and sulks. Seriously? Why couldn't Peter simply enter the theatre through a side door or the roof? He's Spider Man.

6th Apr 2017

Steel (1997)

Character mistake: When John Henry Irons is arrested, two police officers lay him face-down in order to zip-tie his wrists behind his back. A close-up of Irons' hands, however, reveals that the zip-tie only wraps around his right wrist while crossing about mid-way on his left thumb, meaning that he could easily remove his left hand from the restraint with very little effort. Arresting police officers would never make this mistake in real life.

30th Jan 2017

The Haunting (1999)

Revealing mistake: When Luke tries to ram the gate with his car, a huge piece of spear-point wrought iron falls and impacts the roof of his vehicle. As the others rush to rescue Luke from the car, we can see the wrought-iron spear points flexing and bending, because they are made of rubber.