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Continuity mistake: When Rosemary has decided to sneak over to the Castevet's, she removes the towels from the closet shelves. She then tries to shut the door by pushing the towels (on the floor) into the closet. We see that the closet door does NOT shut all the way. Rosemary goes to get a knife, when she gets back to the closet, the door is completely shut, and she must now turn the knob to open it.

Continuity mistake: The morning after the birth Rosemary wakes up and startles Laura-Louise, and the face of the clock behind the bed is lit up. In the next shot as she looks at it's not lit up. It's also ticking yet the second hand doesn't move.

Continuity mistake: Rosemary opens her suitcase and hands a red book to the doctor. If you look closely, the dress she's wearing has sleeves and is a different one then the previous shot, which is sleeveless.

Continuity mistake: In Doctor Hill's office Rosemary opens her suitcase and hands the red book to the doctor. When she first takes the book out of her suitcase she has a wrist watch on her left hand, then in the next shot as she hands it to him there's no wrist watch.

Revealing mistake: Rosemary crosses 5th Avenue as she goes looking for a bookstore to find more material on witches and a lot of bystanders can be seen staring at the film crew.

Continuity mistake: Minnie gives her the necklace with the tannis root inside and Rosemary holds the chain between her thumb and first two fingers. In the next shot the chain is draped over her fingers.

Visible crew/equipment: As he shows them the kitchen the building manager says, "I'd be grateful to go that way myself when the time comes". As he turns around to leave the kitchen you can see the shadow of the camera on his jacket.

Continuity mistake: Before she enters their apartment and sees her baby, Rosemary walks back to the closet that connects her apartment with the Castevet's and as she opens the door we see yellow linens on the top shelf. Several shots before as she takes the shelves down these yellow linens fell on her head and were not put back on the shelf.

Visible crew/equipment: Rosemary walks into the party in the Castevet's apartment where she first sees the baby and you can see the shadows of a ton of stage lights and equipment on her shoulders.

Continuity mistake: Minnie gives Rosemary a cup of Lipton's tea as she sits in a chair in front of a book case. We first saw these books when Rosemary sat down and they were all vertical, but then when she gets the cup of tea the books in both shelves are slanting to the left.

Continuity mistake: Dr. Hill brings Rosemary into an examining room so she can rest, and closes the blinds before he leaves. As he walks out he shuts the light and in the next shot she lies down and the blinds are wide open again with light pouring in.

Continuity mistake: Rosemary gets back into the apartment and gets Elise Dunstan's phone number from the phone book inside her pocketbook. She leaves the pocketbook right next to the phone book but when Dr. Sapirstein comes in the with a sedative she tries get away across the bed and the pocketbook is no longer there.

Continuity mistake: Guy and Dr. Sapirstein escort Rosemary out of Dr. Hill's office into a car waiting to take her back to The Bramford and a blue and white taxi is right next to the car. In the next shot two yellow taxi cabs are there.

Continuity mistake: After Rosemary speaks to Dr. Sapirstein's receptionist about an appointment she sits down in the waiting room and the receptionist asks her how hot it is outside. She doesn't move yet several things move behind the receptionist's head in the two shots she's in. The ash trays above the windowed file cabinet behind her move from the right side to the left side and the two small file cabinets above the large file cabinet to her right also move.

Visible crew/equipment: Rosemary goes back to see Dr. Sapirstein and speaks to his receptionist. After she sits down they cut back to a close-up shot of the receptionist working and you can see the reflection of the camera man's head on the left of the glass file cabinet behind her.

Visible crew/equipment: As the Castevet's leave for the airport, Rosemary and Guy say goodbye to Minnie and Roman in front of The Dakota. As the cab pulls in front of them you can see the reflection of the cameraman and studio lights from across the street in it.

Continuity mistake: When the taxi cab pulls out taking Minnie and Roman to the airport there's a red car in front of them. The next time we see the cab a few seconds later there's a white car in front of them.

Continuity mistake: After telling Guy that she doesn't want Minnie or Roman setting foot in their apartment again Rosemary sits down in their living room and reads from the book "All Of Them Witches". If you look closely at the second shelf in the bookcase on the left of the screen several books (primarily a red one) have been added between shots.

Visible crew/equipment: In their living room, Rosemary tells Guy that she doesn't want Minnie or Roman setting foot in their apartment again after she shows him the book Hutch gave her, "All Of Them Witches". The shadow of the boom mike can be seen going from left to right across the top of the fireplace.

Continuity mistake: Guy follows Rosemary into the kitchen where she shows him the book Hutch gave her, "All Of Them Witches". If you look at the calendar at the right of the shot it's obvious someone other than them has been looking at it as the top month is curled up the second time we see it.

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This is the very spot at the Dakota building on 72nd Street in New York City where John Lennon was murdered.